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Start a book during a pandemic Isn’t a walk in the park

by Barbara Greenleaf, 78 years old

With all the other obstacles to raising awareness of a new title – the millions of other books on Amazon, the general information overload, and the November election, to name just three – I’m now struggling with stay orders due to COVID-19 At home . With no bookstores, club meetings, or personal interactions of any kind to help me publicize my latest efforts, Parents of adult children: they are not aloneI have to rely entirely on technology. This is the death kiss for a technophobe like I.

Technophobes are born, not made, and I am one of those who were born technologically challenged. How challenged am I? Well, I have to call my husband to turn on the TV because I can never figure out which Gizmo cable brings in, which Pandora turns on, and which one could probably blow up a battleship.

As another example, a few years ago I took a full-time job at a local university. I felt like a modern Rip Van Winkle, who had fallen asleep in the age of the Selectric typewriter and the pink slip “While you are out” and woke up in a world full of sophisticated software. The university gave me intensive orientation to familiarize myself with the school’s donor tracking system, which consisted of a sophisticated set of numbers and codes. I screwed it up every time. The university finally threw in the towel and gave me an assistant who did my input for me.

How I would like this assistant now! I have read Facebook for dummies, Facebook and Twitter for seniors for dummies, and Social media marketing for dummies. Despite my college degree and seven other books, I’m still a dummy. Still I have soldier. For the debut Parents of adult children In the age of COVID-19, I am learning how to make short videos on my computer (while trying to ignore the fact that the camera is not friendly to people of a certain age). I feel cautious on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For five minutes I thought I had to create content for TikTok and K-Pop too, but then I saw that their audience was only 12 years old. Angry! I also learn that the social media beast requires constant feeding in the form of posts, links, likes, tags and followers. In fact, my fingers seem to be stuck in the thumbs up position on some days. For the record, I’m never “trend” now, but hey, at least I’m in the game.

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