Week 6 # 8weeksofsummer Blog Challenge 2020 : Educational Technology

K12 education is full of opportunities. Educational technology companies, both universities and K12, are looking for educators who can teach online, and content creation will soon be another emerging industry. Are your career goals strengthened, accelerated, or changed due to recent events and the reorganization of public education?

Many educators taught colleagues during #RemoteLearning, helped create courses, and performed several technical functions for colleagues. Could these educators switch to professional learning educators, teaching designers or technology specialists? Have you discovered or confirmed a new career path?

Share the idea of ​​blogging with your peers to process the end of the year it wasn’t. Take friends’ ideas in this challenge and hopefully build a year that is prepared for multiple formats!

The command prompt:

Share your current professional goals.

The rules:

I have a blog: You can blog in a conventional blog, podcast or Facebook. Each platform with an independent URL for each post.

Write & Include: (1) This at the beginning of your post: “This post is week 6 of 8 in the # 8WeeksofSummer Blog Challenge for educators.” and please link this sentence with
And (2) please use the hashtag # 8weeksofsummer in social media releases of the post.

Comment on my command prompt: Post a link to your blog in time in the comments to the 8 blog prompts. (We’re on vacation and you may not even know what day it is today, so let’s say within 3 weeks of posts 1-7.).

This blog challenge 2020 # 8weeksofsummer runs from June 12 to July 31, 2020 and is aimed at every educator. The challenge offers educators the opportunity to think. With each request, they are asked to blog about their reactions, thoughts and experiences with some facets of their professional practice.

Check for prompts on June 12 and every Friday through July 31.

Successfully The completion of all 8 weeks of commenting / linking / sharing via social media leads to an entry in the $ 100 Amazon Gift Card raffle one week after July 31 – when teachers need it the most!

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