Pros: Retirement has its privileges in a pandemic RETIREMENT

Did you notice that retirement has its privileges during the coronavirus pandemic?

It may be hard to imagine that there are benefits, especially as Americans and people around the world continue to suffer greatly from the harmful and economic effects of Covid19.

The pandemic has changed Americans’ everyday lives. Routines have been interrupted. Many people are lonely, unemployed and concerned about a declining economy.

Still, others of my generation are afraid to retire at this point because of an uncertain future.

However, if you are retired and over 60, there are benefits that make life in a global health crisis a little easier.

Everything from social distancing to saving money on food and gasoline to the need not to worry about finding a job during an economic downturn – these are some of the reasons why pandemic retirement has its privileges.

Senior hours - rebel pension

Social distancing is easy.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has been stressed that social distance could mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. The advantage for retirees is that social distancing is easy.

Pensioners do not have to worry about going to work where exposure is possible. We can take advantage of the senior days offered in grocery stores and other retailers.

Even local libraries have special times for older adults who want to check out books or use computers. Picking up the library on the roadside is easy. It protects library staff and older users from possible exposure to corona.

Free roadside pick-up.

Everyone loves free things and pensioners are no different. ClickList, Smart List and other online grocery shopping services have been available for some time.

And I wanted to try it out. However, it’s an amenity that has involved a fee – until now.

Some grocery stores waived roadside pickups for customers over 60 during the pandemic.

It is easy to place an online order with Albertsons, Kroger, Smith’s or Fred Meyer.

As soon as you have completed the order, arrange a suitable time for the pick-up. A seller will do the shopping for you and load your groceries into your vehicle upon arrival.

How nice it is!

Cooking at home - Rebel Retirement

Eating at home costs less.

I am someone who cooks at home – more often than I thought I would do it at this stage of life. But the fact remains, Rebel Retiree and I rarely go to a restaurant.

However, eating regularly is the norm for many retirees. But because of the closure of restaurants or worries about getting coronavirus, many retirees prepare meals at home.

Aside from the nutritional benefits it brings, there is also the benefit of saving money.

Cooking at home costs less than eating out.

Travel costs have dropped.

Due to the social distance and the cessation of many activities, pensioners stay closer to home.

You avoid crowds and go on fewer trips to run errands.

For many, summer road trips have become overnight accommodations.

For retirees, the big benefit of driving less means saving on gasoline and other vehicle maintenance costs.

And many of us received a nice unexpected bonus in the form of a credit for our auto insurance based on the reality of driving less during the height of the pandemic.

Social security - retirement of the rebels

Social security checks keep coming back.

By definition, retirement means that you have stopped working. At least in the traditional sense.

In addition to collecting social security benefits, you may have a part-time job, a pension, or some form of residual income. And hopefully you’ve found that value-based retirement offers you comfortable retirement.

Unlike many workers who have lost income due to job losses or layoffs, pensioners have social security checks at least repeatedly.

They are not in the job market and compete for jobs that do not exist.

As the daily cost of living has dropped, social security exams can go much further.

On-site protection privilege.

This is an advantage that benefits the older pensioner who has a part-time job. Think of it as a privilege of aging.

According to the CDC, your risk of serious illnesses with Covid19 increases with age. Part-time workers may at least temporarily stop working and collect unemployment.

In addition to regular unemployment benefits, you are entitled to federal unemployment benefits. However, the FPUA expires on July 25, but can be extended.

State guidelines recommend that people aged 65 and over isolate themselves and continue to seek protection regardless of reopening.

As long as your state recommends self-isolation for older adults, you can collect unemployment.

The advantage of this is that the amount you collect from unemployment may be higher than you earned in your part-time job.

Older adult mask - rebel retirement
Wearing a mask is fine.

“A person may think that they have a constitutional right to get sick, but they have no constitutional right to make other people sick.” – Governor Bulluck, Montana

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, Americans heard lies and confusion as to whether wearing a mask was beneficial in any way or not.

Now the question has turned into a hotly contested conservative-liberal debate.

Mask wearers are called liberal paranoid freaks who don’t care about freedom.

While conservatives who speak out against wearing masks claim that this is an affront to their freedom.

The advantage of this is that older adults who wear masks are given less judgment.

Conflict is unlikely. It is understood that older adults wearing masks do so out of caution and courtesy to others.

Medicare still covered you.

Employer plans cover about half of the population. When people lose their jobs, employer-based health insurance is usually associated with it.

And statistically, millions of people lost their health insurance coverage in the first few months of the coronavirus pandemic.

Therefore COBRA, ACA or an individual plan are available.

All are expensive. As a result, many will opt out of health insurance.

Pensioners aged 65 and over are not affected by a loss of health insurance due to the pandemic.

It is one of the advantages of retirement. Medicare still insured you. It’s not free, it’s not perfect, but there is a sense of security.

What are the positive aspects you noticed during the pandemic? Please do not hesitate to comment below! And before you set off, please take a moment to subscribe to our newsletter and like us Facebook!

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