The virtual etiquette series: “Time management” Women

By Felicia Shakespeare

We are definitely aware and clear that every major test results in a greater triumph. But not only that, but also a greater sense of responsibility. I’m not going to go over all of the many lessons I’ve already learned and learned personally from COVID-19 (because we’re literally still in the middle of everything that is still unfolding). Calmed down and still believing, I would still indisputably call this a moment given by God. We are now able to issue social detachment orders for a few months, based on the leadership of our city and, ultimately, the federal government in many parts of the country and the world. I think at this point most of us, regardless of where you live, regularly opt for self-quarantine for security reasons, regardless of whether the point is set for it or not.

Although I won’t go into all of them, one of the greatest and most positive lessons from this entire pandemic, which I take for granted, is the time I have been given to be at home. I was a remote worker a few years ago and I always remember the many advantages I had. I think the deeper message here was not only the time spent working from home, but many of us have had access to something that we have wanted for so long, and that is a “recovery of ours Time”. The power and value of time are invaluable. Something that money can’t buy has been put on the clock again in our treasure chest, that sweet four-letter word called time. So I would encourage you to spend yours. Do not miss this moment, because something like this is unlikely to happen for another hundred years. Here are some simple suggestions as we continue to practice security:

Complete the project

I’m not sure what you’ve moved, but it’s time to get some things done. Whether you’re writing this book (or blog), training for a marathon in your neighborhood, or working on your health and wellness goals, the time has come! To end something…

To organize

During this time you can literally organize your whole life! Cupboards, offices (working on mine today), the basement, as you call it. You can paint and delete the thousands of emails you’ve accumulated. Organize, organize, organize, let’s go!

Appreciate the moments

Spend time with your family, friends and those you appreciate, talk to your children, get to know your neighbors and, above all, reconnect with yourself and your soul.

I’ll leave you a “bold statement” – if you don’t leave this quarantine with:

– A new skill

– A new found purpose

– A new side job – More knowledge

You never lacked time: you lacked discipline … and self-motivation.

Be good!

Felicia Shakespeare is a brand expert and founder of A Purpose Driven Woman LLC. It helps women build their brand by connecting with their purpose. To connect with her, go to

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