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I’m fried this week – like fried so that I can’t understand how fried I am. I think you know the feeling! We learned a lot [we’re officially back to school, and this mama is taking summer courses], play, visit a lavender farm – and sew! Sewing is such a nice escape. To please my little ones, I made this simple, free bee application pattern. You can download it below:

Bee application pattern

Free bee application pattern

Free bee application pattern

Bees are such an important pollinator, and their simple shapes are great for beginners to practice their stitches. We chose three fabrics, one for the quilt square, one for the body of the bee and one for the wind, but I hope you are inspired to do whatever you want!

For the sake of simplicity, we didn’t use any interfaces and only sewed one piece at a time, but you can definitely use an iron-on glue if you want – or should I say – sew!
If you
Here is the bee of my five year old:

I wanted to try out a few new stitches on mine. Flowers seemed like the next logical thing to embroider on a square of bees, so these are my cute little flowers. You can learn how to sew here.
I’m not sure what we’re going to do with the finished squares. Maybe we can work within the color scheme to make a family quilt or pillow case, let’s face it, a quilt at this stage might be too ambitious for my crew, but fun is the name of the game!

Any thoughts on how to use our bee squares?

Have a nice week!

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