Big is not always beautiful … UK INSURANCE

I am often asked what it is like that Ashbourne Insurance can compete against so many big established brands.
With all the size of these companies and the number of policies they issue, surely they must be miles cheaper and put us at an uncompetitive disadvantage?
While we operate in one of the most competitive and saturated markets, where can you not get car insurance these days? The truth is that big isn’t always beautiful, let me explain.
Normal economies of scale do not apply to insurance. The more you buy of a product, the cheaper the price is usually. the same is not true here.
The more risks you insure, the more claims you have!
The so-called competitive advantage of the larger insurers is chargeable either in cover or in service.
Our traditional approach to relationship and relationship building means we are more connected to the risks we take and use our local knowledge and understanding to provide comprehensive coverage and a competitive premium.
Call one of my employees, you may be pleasantly surprised!

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