Am I going to listen to an expert on the state of my soul? Christianity

I recently spoke to the Enid City Council while what many believe an emergency for public health.

While I was speaking, several people were using social media to voice their opinion about a pastor who was talking about a pandemic. I am used to criticism and I love and respect everyone who disagrees with me. I don’t feel like making people believe I believe, but I have a strong desire to prevent people from forcing me to believe what they believe.

Here is an example of some comments from people who have listened to me:

“This man will be Enid’s death.”
“Why do we have to listen to a public health preacher?”
“This guy, although a fantastic speaker, is not a medical expert!”

I giggled as I read these comments. I understand your feeling. The people who voiced their opinion of wanting to hear “medical experts” are sincere, but they don’t know the full impact of everything they ask.

A lawyer sat behind me during the city council meeting and suggested we had a drinking game (and acknowledged that drinking was not mine) Strength). He suggested that we record every time a particular city council uses the word “expert” and encouraged Enid’s citizens to listen to the medical experts and ignore everyone else.

I would have been drunk if I had put the lawyer on his bet.

I understand that some people don’t like what this preacher says mandatory masks. You don’t think I’m a public health expert.

For this post, I will admit your point of view. I am not a public health expert.

But I am an expert on the Bible and the human soul. I learned the original Hebrew and Greek scriptures (Old and New Testaments, respectively). I know the chronology of the old nations and the history of all the stories of people and nations that can be found in the Bible. For you, I can cite the order of the books in the Bible back and forth, give you biographies and schedules of the authors, and speak with you decisively about what the Bible says about your soul and your eternal state of life.

I am an expert on God’s judgment on human life.

Are you ready to listen

1. God says that if you do not repent of your sins, you will be judged and punished by Him after you die. (Hebrews 9:27).

2. If you continue your homosexual behavior, adulterous sexual behavior, pedophilia (sexual activity with children), bestiality and other sexual deviations, you will be punished by your creator and die a second death (1 Corinthians 6: 9).

3. To actually save your life forever, you have to lose your life temporally. To escape God’s judgment, you must die for yourself and for your selfish desires and follow Jesus Christ and his desires for your life (Matthew 16: 24-26).

4. If you don’t give up your drunk behavior and don’t resist your impulse to destroy and steal another person’s property, you will experience God’s judgment (1 Corinthians 6: 9-10).

5. It is imperative that your hatred of people who believe differently from you evaporate, because if you do not change your practice of cursing people who see life differently from you, you will follow God’s judgment of your life Experience her death (Matthew 5:22).

6. It is necessary that you receive Jesus Christ as your Master (your boss) and trust his work on the cross to forgive your sins, otherwise you will die an eternal death after judgment (John 8:24;; John 3:18)

7. Your love for people, even for those who disagree with your positions, is proof that you have the gift of eternal life. If you say you know God but don’t love people who disagree with you, you’re a liar and the truth is not in you (I John 4:20).

How many of you disagree with me, want to argue with me, or defend myself against everything I wrote above?

I agree with your disagreement, it always has been, always will be. I protect your freedom to disagree and still love you.

As an American, you deserve the freedom not to agree with me. We live in one free Country. It would be wrong if I forced you to accept my biblical knowledge. My job is to be profitable and convincing and then trust you and your decision to follow my expert advice on your soul and avoid God’s judgment.

However, do you request that I accept “medical expertise” and a proposed mandatory mask wearing law for physically healthy people? They demand my consent to the so-called medical expertise that healthy people cover their faces with a mask because Americans are at risk from physically To die.

Ironically, isn’t it that you want that? “Advice from medical experts for public health” but you close your ears to that “Advice from Biblical Mental Health Experts.” A person’s physical death is trivial compared to God’s judgment and the experience of second death (Revelation 2:11).

I am a logical man. I accept the denigration of my public health speech by those who think I am not a public health expert. But if your logic is valid, you have to be consistent and accept it my expertise on your mental health.

Forever Life is much more important than your physical Life.

I have fought for the civil rights of all Americans, including homosexual rights, without intervening in their private lives. God clearly says in His Word that even identified homosexuals who do not regret their deviant sexual behaviors will experience judgment. but I don’t want my faith to be forced on you? And from George, I’m not going to let you impose your faith on me.

For fear of death, however, you want to enact laws that mask healthy people, close churches, and keep singers shut.

We are sorry.

You can’t have it both ways.

Either accept the opinion of experts too Publicity health and the opinion of experts about spiritually Health and push for binding laws to help people avoid physical death and God’s upcoming judgment on the second death or choose the way of freedom (what I do) and leave both sides disagree and only set the laws that protect the rights of individual freedom for every American.

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