A completed project, a thank you and 72 Big Macs Knitting

In the end, I just used the pattern as a guide. I changed the weight of the thread so all the calculations had to change and the pattern was so simple, and in my eyes part of it was just wrong. I only followed it for the color chart. I’m afraid this won’t be a very helpful completed project contribution for anyone who wants to knit this sweater, and I can’t recommend this particular pattern, but there are many versions with many different weights. Sandnes Garn appears to launch a new collection every other year. Be warned though, their new versions all seem to be round-necked or even tense. Not traditional, but probably more comfortable to wear, but we’ll come back to that later.

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JUPEB admission form 2020/2021 from Trinity University : Nigerian Education

JAMB course change & institution 2020/21 session begins : Nigerian Education