Mastering money 16.07.20 – IQ Wealth Management General knowledge

On the way to the fall election, Wall Street analysts expect a biden victory of more than fifty-five percent unless there is a major breakthrough in vaccines. Even more scary would be the Blue Trifecta – Biden wins the White House, Nancy Pelosi keeps the house, which is very likely, and Democrats win the Senate, which is in serious play. That is why the cautious among us hope for the best, but plan the worst in all cases. Even well-known democratically-minded investment analysts who wrote in Barron’s have admitted that if Biden and the company take control of the economy, the market could go down significantly. Today we give you an insight into what Bidenomics would look like, what changes large investment firms are currently making and even better: how you can make your BIDEN-PROOFEN portfolio. Don’t miss it … MASTERING MONEY is in the air !!!

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