Developers who support schools, or schools that support developers ?, By Molly Vollman Makris & Elizabeth Brown – AmazingReveal Urban Planning

This article can be found in the current issue of the AmazingReveal on unequal schools and communities: A critical examination of the neoliberal educational reform.

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School development in urban gentrification rooms: developers who support schools or schools that support developers?, by Molly Vollman Makris & Elizabeth Brown


This article describes the intersection of public and private interests in the context of education in a gentrified urban area. This empirical example shows the progressive neoliberalization of public education and the way in which public subsidies and institutions (e.g. charter schools) support private developers in shaping the widening gap between socio-economically favored and disadvantaged residents. The results suggest that political incentives, the interests of property developers, and the growing demand from favored families have an impact on where and which new schools are to be built. In particular, the interests of the developers are in line with the school options that serve disadvantaged sections of the population (namely private day care centers, private schools and charter schools that serve beneficiary residents). Establishing and supporting these desirable schools helps developers because (a) the community benefit provides developers with building rights and incentives, (b) schools attract and retain families to build a community, and (c) schools serve developers create retail stores.

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