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It feels like the first day of spring was only yesterday, but now we’re thinking about how to fill those long summer days. If you’re looking for something your kids can enjoy, you can’t go wrong with a STEM activity! These will encourage your children to continue learning even when the school is not occupied! These activities can be used for almost any kind of summer scenario and are so fun! These can work for both older and younger children, and they can even do some of them together! Here is the ultimate list of STEM summer activities for kids.

Science STEM experiments for children

BASIC ACTIVITIES in the kitchen

Fizzy Lemonade Science Project Experiment A fun and engaging kitchen science experiment with everyday objects found in most households.

Sparkling lemonade STEM experiment

Scientific experiments with ground beef How much do you understand about the numbers associated with ground beef? This regular activity gives you a great picture to teach in the kitchen!

Ada Twist’s color changing lemonade laboratory Children love experiments that can drink. I remember mixing and trying preparations as a child. What was the combination that tasted the worst? This is a great tasting experiment that looks nice too.

Color changing lemonade

Scientific experiments with water

Erupting water slide Children love to play with water, but it obviously causes a mess in the water. These scientific experiments are perfect for summer fun outdoors!

Create a STEM activity for rain gauges True Confessions: In all my years at school, I’ve never built a rain gauge. I’ve always wanted that. This simple rain indicator is now on my list of things to do!

Water pump sprinkler Enjoy the water fun on these hot summer days!

DIY water wall for summer STEM More water play fun for young and old.

Mathematical activities

Roll and Color summer math game You can teach math in a boring, boring way, or have fun with a math game that will be a hit with younger kids who only learn numbers!

Fishing math game I remember playing this game with my kids so many years ago. In fact, I found my original fish a few years ago and it still “worked”.

Play slime and dough

Oobleck Slime, gak and putty have kids begging for more – colors, smells, and textures are great even for the oldest kids. Honestly, I also like to play with it. This oobleck teaches children about the state of matter.

DIY slime summer camp Another great slime experiment!

Rainbow fish count play dough I can still remember the first time I read Rainbow Fish. This adorable craft contains one of the sweetest books out there.

Creating STEM projects for fun and learning

Lightning Bug Paper Circuit Card This initial circuit activity will allow children to understand how electricity works while incorporating art. These cards can be personalized and shared with friends and family.

Lightning Bug Science Project and art activity

Bottle rockets Missile technology was a family activity in our household. However, we have always built Estes rockets. This amazing fun with bottle rockets is a fun change from the usual experiments. I can guarantee that young and old will love this creative fun outdoors!

Build protection from the sun Check out this adorable scientific experiment. It is far more than your typical regular activity.

Create a bug viewer Although I personally don’t like bugs, I had a couple of kids who loved researching different types of bugs!

Build a bracelet according to shapes and colors This pearl activity helps young children learn shapes, patterns, colors and fine motor skills.

Paper boxes Sweet, colorful and creative! If you love folded paper, you will love this trunk activity!

Color, density and air pressure

Summer Skies flashlight constellations Who doesn’t like to look up at the stars? Learn the astronomy of the night sky with a simple flashlight.

Density investigation Another fun kitchen experiment that lets you see the density of common kitchen ingredients!

Air pressure tests Simple fun to teach young children airflow and how air can move objects!

Rainbow Art and Science Crafts A dedicated way to teach art and science master activities.

Rainblow Fish Book and Craft
Ultimate list of summer tribe activities for kids

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