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Blankets are an unreasonable projects

Ceiling knitting is a unique thing. You are the greatest Knitwear that I make. you take forever. you take lots from yarn. You can be one Pain hand wash due to their size. Still, I love her. I especially love knitting them for babies. A handmade blanket for a small child has something very special. This is the story of such a project: Bodhi’s baby blanket.

A blanket of lace squares lies over a gray couch in a rainbow of colors.
Bodhi’s original baby blanket.

Something very special

Bodhi is (and always will be) the baby, so she should have an enviable wardrobe with handmade sweaters by Hunter and Jones. But before I knew who she was going to be, I wanted to do something for her that would be her own.

I quickly decided on one Living ceiling – It’s been one of my favorites since Emily designed it. I went to my collection of Tanis Fiber Arts DK and pulled out a fantastic rainbow of yarn. I love bright, happy colors for babies! Stitch by stitch, square by square, I made Bodhi her little blanket and knitted a little love in every inch.

When the big day came, I wrapped my new little bundle in her light blanket, and she’s been using it ever since. It served as a play mat, bedspread, dolly swaddle, fort … you name it! This blanket has received a lot of love and use over the years.

A little baby bodhi in a dark blue and turquoise tracksuit that is a little too big.  She lay on her back on her hand-knitted blanket in a rainbow of squares.
This is Bodhi, just a few hours outside.


Last year, to my dismay, I found the popular blanket under Bodhi’s bed with a few small holes in it. Nooooooooooooo! I wasn’t ready to let go of this piece of her childhood. I packed it up and froze it to get rid of the annoying beasts, and then it was time to think about the solution. Some of the squares had small holes in the edge; others had large holes in the top.

I'm holding a lavender lace balnket square with a large hole in it.
This little lavender square has the worst of it.

To fix the blanket, I had to take it apart. I carefully took out all the whip stitches that held the squares together and rated each one for damage. I had to re-knit the garter edge on a few squares, and in the end I had to knit two squares from scratch.

So I decided that Bodhi’s baby blanket needed an upgrade. Since I had taken the whole thing apart anyway, it seemed a good time to make it bigger and better suited to the needs of a six year old.

A rainbow stack of top squares.
I have collected’ Tanis Fiber Arts Yarn for about eight years and it shows!

When I decided to make Bodhi’s baby blanket bigger, I assumed that it would only take a few squares. (I swear I’m usually not that bad at math.) When I did the actual calculations, I found that I had a much larger project in my hands. The original ceiling was 4 ‘x 4’ with a total of 16 squares. Expanding to 5 ‘x 6’ would require 30 squares. That’s an additional 14 squares – basically like knitting a whole new blanket! But since I didn’t do the calculations before I started, I was totally involved. Another 14 fields were flogged.

The 6-year-old Bodhi stands around her with her blanket of rainbow squares.  She looks at the floor.

Note: I recently found that I use the term “flogged” when I refer to a piece of knitting. I think it’s a personal delusion. Knitting is super slow. Nothing is ever really “flogged”. Lols.

Bodhi stands with arms outstretched and shows her full blanket of rainbow-pointed squares.
Bodhi shows off her new and improved blanket for tall girls.


I am so happy to have given this blanket a little more life. It is now an integral part of Bodhi’s bed (and still a popular addition to any ceiling fortress). It was a great pleasure to add these extra squares and play with the new colors I had acquired in the past five years.

It was a very different feeling to knit squares for a person who was already in the world – a child with his own personality and quirks – someone I was allowed to get to know when she became herself. As it turned out, my original choice of a bright, happy color spectrum was absolutely perfect for my rainbow-loving Bodhi, who is bright and happy herself. This love work was worth it and it gives me great pleasure to see how these two little things that I let grow together.

~ Alexa

Bodhi smiles at the camera wrapped in its colorful, vibrant square blanket.

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