9 types of students who can benefit from distance learning with USAC Study Abroad

There is a lot going on in the world of distance learning today. USAC has ours this summer Global perspectives Program with two key areas of distance learning: online courses and virtual internships. These programs will be extended for fall 2020 and beyond! Although we believe that every student can benefit from these digital opportunities, you may be wondering how global perspectives can fit your academic and professional goals. We hear you. For this reason, we have created some common student scenarios to help you find your way around. The good news is that there is something for everyone!

Online courses

Two students study together during distance learning

Scenario 1: The student

Sara is a French-speaking major who wants to study abroad in France. Instead of waiting until she arrives abroad to start practicing the language, she decides to improve her language credits from home. By USACs Intensive language learning and culture pathSara can earn between 12 and 15 language conversation and culture credits from our best French teachers around the world. By collecting up to a full year of language credits in online courses, Sara is ready to take her language learning to the next level when studying abroad.

Scenario 2: The health major

Sam is a junior major in health sciences who wants to gain a comparative perspective on health. Studying abroad in multiple countries is not possible without delaying graduation, but he can study through the USAC’s online global perspective program Variety of courses in Health Faculties in Ghana, India, Thailand and Costa Rica – to gain the multicultural perspective that he always wanted. Even better – his home university allows him to request credit for his major to stay on the way to graduation.

Scenario 3: The newbie

Casey is a freshman who has not yet declared a major. He knows how important it is to have a global perspective in today’s world and can’t wait to study abroad. Before Casey can study abroad, he would like to take online courses to collect some language points and introduce himself to different cultures around the world. The Pathway for the first year / gap year enables Casey to build on his Spanish education at high school level while taking additional 200-level courses in different areas to earn general education credits and opt for a major. This option is also a good choice for high school graduates who take a break a year before college.

Scenario 4: The Mix & Matcher

Lisa is interested in international business, but her range of university courses doesn’t give her enough options to get the focus she needs to graduate. Her home university is also online, so Lisa asks for international Corporate management and international marketing with USAC and additional courses with your home university to complement your international education. Your home university approves this package and allows Lisa to use the credit to meet her graduation requirements. It is even better that Lisa can use the return student discount for a future semester abroad.

Scenario 5: The lifelong learner

Tom has been out of school for some time and is successful in the healthcare industry. He wants to make himself more marketable and expand his skills in the field of global health. He decides to explore the USAC Online health and wellness courses Offer courses in Global Health, Mental Health Across Cultures, Life Span Nutrition, and more to improve your resume and expand your professional offerings.

Virtual internships

Student network during an internship abroad

Scenario 1: The combination of internship and courses

Ashley attends community college, but decides to take the fall semester to develop her skills and work on some course credits. She knows that an international internship would set her apart from her colleagues. Through USAC’s online programs, Ashley can participate in a virtual marketing internship while completing an online international marketing course – both through USAC’s Global Perspectives program. The skills she will acquire will look great on her resume, work towards her academic credit burden, and provide a network of international marketing connections.

Scenario 2: The convenience seeker

Tommy is a major graphic designer and USAC alumni Who takes online courses through their home university and works as a freelancer to earn money? an income while at school. Tommy’s professional goal is to work for an advertising agency graduation, and although At that time, his study abroad program did not offer any internships on site. He knows that work experience in an international office will improve his resume and teach him valuable skills. Tommy applies for a virtual internship where he can easily do an internship and take courses during the week, while give him the flexibility and independence to continue freelance on weekendss.

Scenario 3: The almost graduate

Kevin is in his senior year and can’t wait to graduate. However, Kevin changed majors late in his academic career and still needs to complete an internship to to graduate. Studying abroad would delay Kevin’s graduation, but a virtual internship gives him the flexibility to earn credits and gain valuable work experience from home. Kevin knows that an international internship gives him new perspectives and intercultural communication skills that will be useful during his career in social workand he can stay on the right track to complete his studies.

Scenario 4: The networker

Dominique is a in the second year Major in Italian. Your goal is to become a translator for a International organization or nonprofitand she understands the importance of building strong professional relationships as she grows her resume. In order to build your professional networkTo expand her skills, she applies for a virtual internship in translation, where she is housed with an organization in Italy. Dominique spends part of the semester making connections with the people she works with and to whom she is invited After completing, return to the organization to continue Work with you.

Don’t you fit into one of these scenarios? That’s okay! Our digital distance learning offerings are designed to be fully customized so that you get exactly what you need from your international education. Many opportunities for global perspectives are available to all applicants, including university students, USAC alumni, first-year and first-year students, and university graduates. To adapt your perfect semester, visit the Global Perspectives Program Page on the USAC website.

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