The SMAS Census Ambassador Program wins the Making A Difference in the Community Award! Adult Education

Shelley (Sa) Cheng and
Stephanie Kriebel

The San Mateo Adult School is one of the 2020 EL Civics / IELCE: Make a difference with the Community Award winners! “This award recognizes EL Civics programs that teach citizenship skills and empower students to make a difference in the community. “

We are so proud of our census ambassadors! Proud – and thankful for the important work they do.

Here is the team in a group photo with Aparna Ramakrishnan – the co-developer – with with San Mateo Adult School teacher Stephanie Kriebel – of the program. Without them, this program would not have happened. Left to right: Shereen Lata, Aparna, Shelley (Sa) Cheng, Marina Zambruskova, consultants Stephenie and Alena Bashko. Not shown: Shirley Pinheiro and Edy Vasquez.

Margaret Teske, CASAS program specialist, says this about the SMAS Census Ambassador Program:

CASAS and CDE appreciate your hard work with your students to take advantage of California’s English Literacy and Civic Education Program (EL Civics) to make a difference for your students and your community. San Mateo Adult serves as a model for other programs designed to implement successful EL Civics / IELCE projects that go beyond their own students.

The founder and consultant of the SMAS Census Ambassador Program, Stephanie Kriebel, shares:

Edy Vasquez – right
and Daniel

The SMAS Census Ambassador team came from multicultural countries such as China, Brazil, Fiji, Guatemala and Russia. For the program to be successful and to connect within the community, it was important that team members could reach their roommates by speaking to them in their native language to ensure the message of the importance of participating in the program was obtained. The Census Mission

Shirley Pinheiro

The ambassador program was designed to help residents of San Mateo County, particularly the immigrant community, understand the importance of participation, understand it and feel comfortable doing it. Our team of student volunteers, including Sa (Shelley) Cheng from China, Shirley Pinheiro from Brazil, Shereen Lata from Fiji, Edy Vasquez from Guatemala and Marina Zambruskova from Russia, made a significant contribution to ensuring that our census was the highest in the world .

Many thanks to everyone on the team and to teacher Stephanie for the fantastic work they did together. Their work serves everyone in the community.

Shereen Lata

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