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The advertising industry is accused of benefiting from events like Pride and at the same time having made few long-term commitments to change. To strive for diversity and inclusion throughout the year, the Outvertising nonprofit has partnered with One Minute Briefs to create a creative letter that promotes positive messages about LGBTQ + inclusion.

The letter called for posters that remind the creative industry to involve the LGBTQ + community more closely and to re-evaluate unconscious prejudices against the inclusion of LGBTQ + in campaigns.

Outvertising wants the industry to recognize that their decisions have a social impact and that they can make a difference creatively – and that this creativity in turn can have a positive impact on their business.

Below we take a look at some of our preferred answers to the letter.

“Advertising needs to get out more” by @FranPayne

“Something is missing …” by @alvo_muses

“Talk to me?” by @samhenning

“Creative that attracts everyone” by @CaraAnneA

“Creativity is in our DNA” by @ Thecharliedaws1

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