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As part of the blockade of Covid-19, the British government has canceled all driving tests and theoretical tests. Driving instructors no longer gave lessons. So if you learned to drive in the months before the block, it is likely that your learning has stalled in the past few months. But at the end of the tunnel there is a light: the government is gradually lifting the restrictions on blocking. You will be able to take classes again soon, so you should be able to take your test soon.

But do you feel ready? And can you commit to your new test date?

There are a lot of things in the air at the moment. You may have to cancel your driving and theory test. Perhaps the date is impractical, or you may feel that you need a little more practice.

So let’s see how you can do just that – break off your driving and theory tests.

How to cancel your practical driving test

Did you book a driving or theory test before you blocked? In this case, the government should have postponed your test date automatically. You should let them know how you want to be contacted – text, email or letter.

At the moment you cannot cancel your driving test online. Instead, you need to send an email to [email protected]

You must include two of your following elements in your email:

  • Driving license number.
  • Theory test pass certificate number.
  • Booking reference for driving tests.

Your driver’s license number is on your provisional driver’s license.

How to cancel your theory test

Your certificate number for the theory test is based on the pass certificate you received when you passed your theory test. Your booking reference for driving tests is included in all emails, letters or texts that the DVSA sent you when you booked your test.

You cannot cancel your driving test online. However, you can cancel your theory test online. In order to do this, Head here.

You can also email [email protected] if you need help with your booking.

If you cancel your theory or driving test, you should allow at least three working days to receive your refund.

Should I cancel my driving and theory test?

If you have already booked your driving test or theoretical exam, it means that your driving instructor feels ready. Driving instructors only recommend learners to book their tests if they feel they have taught you everything they can do. Even if you didn’t feel ready, you probably were!

How to know if you are ready for your driving test

Perhaps you haven’t had a chance to drive since the block began. Perhaps you no longer feel safe and no longer feel that you can pass your test. You might think you need a little extra practice before you are ready to take your test.

Do you want to know for sure? Get behind the wheel. You can drive outside of class as long as you:

  • Are accompanied by someone who is at least 21 years old and has a license for more than three years.
  • Have L signs for your car.
  • Do you have student insurance.

Read our full guide here on who can oversee learners outside of class.

You probably haven’t forgotten how to drive

If you haven’t driven for a few months, you may feel like you’ve completely forgotten how to drive. It is only natural that you get nervous when you get behind the wheel. So start slowly. Maybe ask your manager to drive you to a parking lot first, where you can get used to using the pedals and handling the car again.

You will most likely find that everything will return to you. So when you are ready, try putting it on the street. You may stay in side streets and suburbs first, but soon you should feel ready to return to main roads, country roads, roundabouts, and two-lane roads.

Yes, you will be rusty. And yes, you will be nervous from the start. But you could surprise yourself. If your instructor feels ready for your test, you essentially know how to drive. You have already done this so that you can do it again. And if you feel that you need more time to practice or rebuild your trust, then be it! Try to get as much practice as possible, and remember that you can retake your test at any time if you fail the first time.

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