Homestead Blog Hop # 297 – The Cape Coop Home Steading

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Welcome to the Homestead Blog Hop!

Now for the hop

Homestead Blog Hop takes place every Wednesday and is homesteading for everything: real food recipes, farm animals, handicrafts, do-it-yourself, instructions, gardening, everything from scratch, natural home / health, self-sufficiency, self-confidence, natural remedies, essential oils and more! Basically everything that has to do with homesteading.

Meet your hosts!

Homestead Blog Hop Hosts June 2019Follow their blogs

Kelly – Simple life mom (Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | G + | Instagram)

Natasha – House full of nicholes (Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram)

Liz – The Cape Coop (Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram)

Ann – Live the old way (Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram)

Cherelle – The inspired prairie

Laurie – Ridge Haven Homestead (Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram)


from the Last Homestead Blog Hop

We alternate between three contributions each week. Every post is shared by all hosts on all social media platforms! Here are the features of Last Week’s Hop:

1. How to secure your food supply: 15 ways to take action now from an off-grid life

Homestead Blog Hop Feature - Carrot Zucchini Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting2nd Carrot and zucchini cake with cream cheese frosting recipe from the self-sufficient homeacre

Homestead Blog Hop Feature - Home Canning 1013rd Home canning 101 from life on the Funny Farm

Congratulation! Feel free to take that presented on Button for your post.

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Homestead Blog Hop Selected badgeGuidelines for this meeting:

  1. Click the “Add Link” button below and add a great picture of your project or recipe. Make sure you link to your family-friendly post – not the main page of your blog.
  2. Link to three posts every week.
  3. Try to visit at least a few other blogs at the party. Be sure to leave a comment so they know you came over.
  4. Link your post back to the Homestead blog hop. If the hop is not linked to your post, you cannot be introduced. All featured posts are shared across all hosts’ social media channels.
  5. Please link posts that you have not yet linked to the hop. You are welcome to link old posts from your blog.
  6. When you join the party, give the hosts permission to use a photo from your post with a link back to your website if it is selected as one of the features of the next week.
  7. That is a familyfriendly Link-up should inspire and motivate the homesteader in all of us.

Let the party begin

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Homestead Blog Hop - Tips, Ideas, Grooming and Recipes for Homestead every WednesdayHomestead Blog Hop - tips, ideas, pet care and recipes for Homestead every Wednesdaysave up Homestead Blog Hop - tips, ideas, pet care and recipes for Homestead every Wednesdaysave up

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