Mollycoddling, anyone ??? HomeSchool

A delicate topic here in the blog today.

But I’m not really one who crushes words, so I guess I’ll get to the point …

Are you ready for it

Okay, here it goes … but don’t say I never warned you that this could be a sensitive topic!

Please, oh, please, take care that spoiling your children does not lead to a long-term or permanent good. It won’t! It cannot!

DEFINITION OF THE WORD “CODDLE”: treat indulgently; to be treated with the utmost or excessive care of goodness; indulgent tend SYNONYM = “mollycoddle”

Have you ever met someone, whether a child or an adult who has been over-eaten at some point in their life? Who didn’t know how to live in the real world (which, mind you, is not an easy place to live)?
It’s tragic to see, isn’t it?

Yet for homeschoolers who love our children and are desperately working to educate them with a deep and constant sense of security and protection, it is easier to pamper them than we would like to admit. (Yes, I speak from experience here. This funny one-liner “Ask me how I know this” should be added to the blog post at this point …)

Indeed, there can be a fine line between “Mollycoddling” and protection, that’s for sure.

After 5 children and 25 years of homeschooling, I know the following for certain: They will rise to meet your expectations or fall to meet them – but where exactly this standard is set is not determined by your children. It’s up to YOU, my friend.

If you have no expectations, you will see plenty of evidence throughout your life (including your school).

And it really helps your kids to know that you believe in them enough to raise the bar for them. (Should I say that again for the ladies in the back ??)

You know you really believe in them when they have to stretch a little higher to be successful. I advocate healthy growth here – not bad parenting that the child leaves behind without consent or love, regardless of whether it tries to please its parents. We should advise against this at all costs!
Oh no, I don’t advocate anything unbiblical or emotionally harmful, by no means.

But to have a standard of piety … it’s worth working towards. In the Christian home and Christian school, this actually offers the child so much more than traditional public education. It is eternal worth knowing that as you look at life’s challenging circumstances and take this courageous step of faith, you can stretch yourself a little and learn to fully rely on the Lord. Which parent doesn’t want that for their child?

And which child would rather be treated with excessive enjoyment than to be able to shout for joy: “I did it!”

Note: you already know the answer 🙂

In fact, I’m going to go one step further. Today I officially give you permission to scream with total joy: “I did it!” occasionally. Maybe we could even start today?

Sweet homeschool friend, whether you are in the first or twentieth year of home education – whether a child or a dozen – whether it will be COVID homeschooling from August or whether you will be lifelong in this matter … today I want you have to smile and say with total joy: “I will do it! I did it! I made the big decision – I made it last year, although it was so difficult – I will jump in with my legs for next year. I have just graduated from our school recently. I did it! “

Because you’re not a Molly Coddler.

You are a homeschooler!

Lord bless you! – Jan.

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