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Your front yard is the first impression that your guests, neighbors and finally home buyers will have of your property. While the back yard is about designing your outdoor lifestyle, the front yard is often more focused on setting the tone for your home. Many homeowners opt for a landscaping strategy that is reminiscent of a certain popular hairstyle of the 90s. “Shop in front, party in the back.” In other words, a great front yard design is the right mix of polished, inviting, and practical. Here are some landscaping ideas that can help increase your curb appeal – and your property value!

Update your hardware

Sometimes the simplest updates have the biggest impact! It’s easy to replace old, grubby doorknobs, house numbers, mailboxes, and lights with new ones, and the difference is day and night. Choose luminaires that look good together and match your aesthetics.

Add some color

Give your home an update with a new coat of paint for your siding, your cladding or your front door! Fresh paint can increase the value of your home many times over the investment costs. Add window boxes, hanging baskets, and patio pots filled with annual flowers for quick color correction. Update and replace yearbooks throughout the season to achieve a consistent color.

Bring seats

Benches, seesaws or swings give the entrance to your house a warm, inviting ambience. Do you have a covered porch? Add textiles like blankets, pillows, and even an outdoor rug to add texture and personality.

Illuminate your way

Laurier Park landscaping by Jason Stubbs of Salisbury Landscaping

Outdoor lighting is often overlooked when designing the front yard, but is very important – especially here in Edmonton when the days are so short for much of the year. Outdoor lights are great for the aesthetics of your home, but also serve as a safety feature by giving the area more visibility after dark.

Plant garden beds, borders and berms

Lately more people have opted for less lawn and more plants! This approach is great for the environment and looks incredible during the season. With more planting sites, it’s also easier to include a mix of plants that are interested in spring, summer, autumn, and winter, so your front yard looks fantastic all year round.

Take care of the lawn you have

No matter how much grass you have, it looks best when it is lush and full. Invest in a lawn care program so your grass looks like a golf course.

Update or replace your garage door

It is one of those things that you may not even notice when you look at your house, but garage doors take up a lot of space on the facade of your house! Refreshing has a huge impact because you can clearly see it from the curb.

Let new trees and shrubs take root

Shrubs and trees

Shrubs are great for hedging and adding strong seasonal colors. Trees add even more visual interest, and many species can grow to add serious value to your property by helping your home stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Install an irrigation system

A consistent irrigation schedule is the most important thing you can do to make your landscape plants look alive and healthy. If you take the work out of watering, your garden can look its best with much less effort.

Insert some hardscapes

To take your front yard design to the next level, nothing gives you more “bang for your buck” than professionally installed hardscapes! A pavement made of stone slabs, an interlocking driveway to the paver, or a retaining wall made of natural stone can completely change the look of your house.

While all of these design ideas are great for increasing your curb appeal, the help of a landscape architect can help to bring them together harmoniously. Contact our team for personal design advice. We pride ourselves on being a trusted name in Edmonton landscaping and look forward to working with you.

Create a healthy, safe environment for To enjoy your family for years to come.

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