Education News Summary – June 2020 Uk Education

Here are 3 of the latest UK education and edtech news from June 2020.

Edtech’s focus is on the government’s about-face

Edtech has become essential for the continuity of learning. “As long as schools have the right technology – from facilitating student collaboration remotely to providing interactive online content – the opportunities for distance learning are endless,” said Simon Carter, director of RM Education.

“A plan change can happen at any time: whether it’s due to a corona virus, a snow day, a leak, or even a fire, schools need to have an infrastructure that allows them to adapt quickly to reduce the impact on their students. And with the right technology, a solid training regime and continuity plan, and a support mechanism in place when needed, educators can do just that and trust that they can deliver the same high quality of classroom and classroom teaching. “

Indeed, many schools rely more on technology to fill the gap during closings, and this trend is likely to continue in the next school year. To test a new interactive front-of-class display in your school, You can request a virtual, remote, or on-site demo of the latest ActivPanel Elements series.

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The number of applications for teacher training increased by 7,000 compared to the previous year

According to last year’s annual report on the state of the art in education More than 30% of educators believe that employee retention is a challenge In schools, less than 4% of educators believe that their schools are addressing the problem.

Still new statistics According to the admissions office Ucas, there were over 102,000 applications for teacher training courses by June 15, 2020, compared to 94,810 by June 17, 2019, an increase of 8%.

Secondary applications in England and Wales rose 12% over the same period, from 54,300 in 2019 to 60,730 this year. Minister of Education Nick Gibb said that “talented” people from industry expressed interest in addressing the lack of math and physics teachers.

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Free internet vouchers for poor families

Thousands of families without broadband internet receive vouchers for free six-month WiFi access as part of an EU-run program Ministry of Education and BT.

Nick Gibb, the Minister for School Standards, said the move was designed to ensure that the poorest children in England did not suffer from the Corona virus. According to BT, around 10,000 families could benefit from the vouchers.

Wayne Norrie, Managing Director of the Greenwood Academies Trust, told The Independent: “Distance learning and digital resources have been critical to helping children learn while school is closing. However, since we serve a high proportion of disadvantaged families, about 60% of the trust, we recognize the extent of some parents’ difficulties in supporting their children during this difficult time, including providing reliable internet access. “

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