Stay at home activities for the kids to try this summer Dubai

Welcome the summer vacation with creative solutions from IKEA.

Summer is here! With limited activities and game data, parents certainly need creative ideas to keep their kids entertained at home.

Who doesn’t own something from IKEA? Simple products from the Swedish home decorator can be useful and turn an ordinary afternoon into a moment of celebration.

Here are three games with little planning and equipment:


BOTAREN shower curtain, Dhs 12

TORKIS clothespin, Dhs 15

Children love surprises. What if you turned your snack time into a game by using a partition, e.g. B. hang a BOTAREN shower curtain between door posts? Have your children queue on one side of the door jamb to try to use a bar with the TORKIS clothes peg on a string. Ask an adult to stand on the other side and, after a playful pull on the fishing line, attach the pen to a snack bag.


THIRD fabric, Dhs 15 / meter

KEA 365+ label, Dhs 7/50 pack

It’s hover time! Limbo is a mixture of balance, agility and play in a playful package and offers something for everyone. Hang a curtain rod between the door jambs and make sure the height can be easily adjusted. Play music to loosen these joints and let gravity work. Are you challenging your kids how deep they can go? Add IKEA’s DITTE textile strips to the bar for extra fun. You can also track everyone’s performance by sticking IKEA 365+ labels by name on the wall!


DJUNGELSKOG plush toys from Dhs 9

To make children happy over time, some creative solutions may be needed. Attach a line of DJUNGELSKOG soft toys or small gifts to a pole with a ribbon. Mount the bar between the door jambs. Guide one child blindfolded to the display and just let them cut their price.

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