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Police public relations as a mechanism to improve the police community: Amazing reveal news : Nigerian Education


Police public relations as a mechanism to improve the police community.


The project aims to critically examine “the role of police public relations as a mechanism to improve police relations in the Dunukofia region”. Attempts are being made to critically assess the role of the police in order to improve their relationship with the general public.

It also aims to identify the mutual relationship between the police and the people in the Dunukofia region. In addition, the survey method is used in the design of the study, while the main source for data collection is the self-administered questionnaire.

The source of this study was therefore taken from the target audience, which consists of six cities in the Dunukofia region, which include Ukpo, Nawgu, Ifitedunu, Umunachi, Ukwulu and Umudioka, both men and women. A systematic random sample method was used and a total of 180 respondents were administered.

The answers were submitted in frequency and later converted into sample percentages as a method of data analysis. Therefore, the results showed that the police play an important role in trying to build a good police relationship with people.

Likewise, the theory of social responsibility, which focuses on maintaining mutual communication, has been adopted to ensure a continuous understanding or resolution of conflicts of interest between individuals, institutions, organizations and their public. The police ensure security in society and equally ensure that laws and regulations in society are so well complied with and followed.

It is then recommended that the Dunukofia Local Government Area police address issues and issues that the community deems critical, seriously consider the community’s longings, and inform the community equally at every stage of the relationships behind such goodwill On the other hand, the community should reciprocate the gestures of the police with appreciative words.

The researcher hoped that the proposal to conduct another study on the subject could be done if possible.


Front page i

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Summary of

Chapter one 1

Introduction 1

  • Background of the study 1
  • Explanation of the problem 2
  • Objectives of the study 3
  • Research questions 4
  • Significance of the study 5
  • Scope of the study 6
  • Definition of terms 7

Chapter two 8th

Misunderstandings about public relations 8

2.2. Use of public relations 9

2.3. Abuse of public relations 10

2.4. Theoretical framework 11

2.5. Related studies 12

2.6. Summary of the literature

Chapter three 19th

Research methodology 20
3.1. Research design 21
3.2. Study area 22
3.3. Population of the study 23
3.4. Sampling and sampling procedures 24
3.5. Data collection method 25
3.6. Data analysis method 27

Chapter 4 28

Data presentation and analysis 28
4.1. Representation and interpretation of Table 28
4.2. Questionnaires created for members of the police. 32
4.3. Interpretation and analysis of data 33
4.4. Results of research questions 37

Fifth chapter 39

Summary, conclusion and proposal 39
5.1. Summary of results 39
5.2. Conclusion 41
5.3. Recommendation 42
5.4. Proposal for further studies 44





Background to the study

Most often, it is rightly agreed that relationships with the community are an indispensable tool of any worthwhile organization.

Even more so for bureaucratic and segmented organizations, outreach is critical to the overall success of any institution within the community in which it operates, and its program can create a friendly atmosphere in a previously antagonistic environment, so that the organization and the community can can work together as ongoing partners.

Any company that deserves its name owes the community in which it operates and serves responsibility, and the community owes the organization, too, if both are to exist in a conducive atmosphere to solve their neutral problems and to create a better community develop.

Good public relations can serve an organization for liquidation reasons, and bad public relations can lead to the death of a previously healthy organization.

Comprehensive information about the police public relations work in Dunikofia and its relationships with the community can lead to the organization being recognized first for its good work for the community and then for its business success. As soon as this positive impression is not created in the minds of the people of the communities. The organization’s reputation must become sour within this community.

The measure of successful political public relations is given by the appreciation people have for an organization, that is, based on their knowledge and understanding, because an organization has been able to create a favorable self-image within the community that it serves.


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