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Mobile phone with lawn and sprinkler system in the backgroundA great way for landscapers and property management professionals to showcase their industry knowledge is to always be one step ahead of trends. By offering your customers fresh ideas and industry innovations, you can create a more efficient and engaging landscape plan while establishing your role as a point of contact for all things Landscaping.

Regardless of whether commercial customers go back to the office or private customers want to update before summer barbecues, it is important to always be up to date and recommend the latest developments in the industry.

Below you will find this year’s top landscaping trends for commercial and private customers.Guest post attribution box

Intelligent irrigation systems

Every year brings advances in technology, and irrigation is one of the latest systems to be integrated. In general, irrigation is a cornerstone of land with landscapes that need to be routinely supplied with moisture. However, the days of an unattractive sprinkler system are over – at least they should be.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an irrigation system with a leak of only 1/32nd about an inch can waste 6,300 gallons of water. There is a possibility that many customers will need either optimization or a system upgrade in general. This is because they can save money while keeping their greens healthy. Smart control systems such as SmartLink from Weathermatic can be adapted to control irrigation based on weather, soil type, plant type and soil moisture.

Multipurpose plants

Certain plants not only give a green area color and dimension, but also offer additional advantages, e.g. B. a natural mosquito repellent or increased privacy. Other plants help with drainage and absorb excess water to avoid drainage problems. It is important to understand how plants can interact and support an overall landscape plan to increase longevity and customer satisfaction. As offices offer more outdoor space for employees and families spend more time outside at home, multipurpose systems have become even more important. For example, if a work place or home is near a busy street, look for plants that can withstand pollution and position shrubs and trees to offset some of the noise.

Contemporary hardscapes

Hardscapesor the non-living elements of a landscape can make a room more inviting and help to create defined spaces, but plan to propose contemporary styles. Lean pergolas, large geometric paving stones or modern terraces with bricks in patterns such as “diagonal herringbone pattern” or “wicker” are probably what your customers will choose. And if companies want to create more common spaces for employees, you may find commercial customers who tend to implement more hardscapes. Once installed, most hardscapes require less routine maintenance, which can be a great option for customers on a smaller monthly budget. Recommend a mix of modern hardscapes and clean, earthy softscapes for a soothing effect.

Use native plants

Given the current economic climate, customers are likely to pay more attention to spending than before, making native plants a nice option that can help your customers save money. This is because the plants are native to the region, so they get used to the climate and often require less specialized care and water. And in the long run, this can also restore the environment, which is always stylish.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Mike Fitzpatrick is the vice president at US lawn. Fitzpatrick has led campaigns for over 30 years and leads teams at US Lawns. Fitzpatrick’s well-founded insights and expertise are based on first-hand experience as well as numerous licenses and certifications in the field of landscaping.

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