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It’s finally summer and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Part of what I love about summer time is entertaining. Even though the entertainment is a little different this year, you can put together simple and delicious ideas to enjoy with your favorite people.

Outdoor drink bar

This Sparkling Ice Bar comes together quickly. I put it together on my porch in less than an hour and it’s an easy and fun way to celebrate a birthday, holiday or just like that!

I started with bottles first Sparling Ice from Walmart!

I have made sure that my receipt is kept Sparkling ice cream rewards launched a few months ago.

This easy-to-navigate program offers the opportunity to earn points when purchasing Sparkling Ice products. Just upload your receipt and you can earn different levels.

Other easy ways to learn points? Take a poll, personality test, or share Sparkling Ice with a friend. Super easy!

The best thing is that points can be used for different rewards!

sparkling ice

Sparkling Ice offers 18 carbonated, fruity flavors with a dash of juice.

The flavored water is full of vitamins and antioxidants, perfect for those looking for better drinks.

The colors come from natural sources and contain no carbohydrates and no sugar!

Bar for soft drinks

In addition to bottles of sparkling Walmart ice cream, my outdoor bar contained fruit juices (I chose mango, peach, and pomegranate), fresh fruit, and herbs.

I got some basil and mint from my garden, which went perfectly with my Sparkling Ice!

Sparkling water bar

Simply choose glasses or plastic cups, add a few straws and you have the simplest sparkling water bar!

The flavors that I bought were: Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry, Sparkling Ice Orange Mango, Sparkling Ice Kiwi Strawberry and Sparkling Ice Cherry Limeade.

Best of all, if you buy Sparkling Ice products in Walmart stores, you will earn double points through Sparkling Ice Rewards until mid-August. You can also sign up to win a $ 250 Walmart gift card.

Who couldn’t use that ?!

make a drink bar
Drinks on the terrace

Our favorite drink combination?

Peach juice paired with Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry with pomegranate seeds and fresh mint. So delicious.

Cocktail with sparkling water

How will YOU use Sparkling Ice to make your summer brighter and more refreshing?

Thank you for reading everything about how to make a sparkling water bar with sparkling ice. Have a nice day!

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