Changes to the Untangling Knots Shop Knitting

A messy pile of knitted color swatches

Sorry for the mess! New patterns are still pending, but the Untangling Knots shop is getting some updates behind the scenes. The shop used to be run by Ravelry, but with recent changes to the website, I wanted better options for Untangling Knots. The new system still offers the convenience of instant downloads, but now gives me more control to add a better gift system right away, and finally, I can add more payment options than just PayPal, products other than knitting patterns, and an affiliate program for podcasters and bloggers!

Adding each pattern to the shop is a slow process. Thank you for your patience as I make these updates. Many samples will be temporarily unavailable in July 2020 and will be restored soon.

07/25/2020 Update: All Untangling Knots patterns are now available in the shop again.

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