6 spectacular fountain and water games for your luxury pool Landscape Design

The soothing sound of falling water adds another dimension to a pool – a sensory experience that is relaxing and makes your outdoor living space look like a spa resort. So why not add a fountain or water feature to your luxury pool? There are a number of different “waterworks” that you can include in a pool design, depending on whether you are looking for a visual show or a peaceful river.

Here are some popular pool water games to consider – and the good news is that you don’t have to choose just one.

water falls

Grotto with a waterfall and rocksWaterfalls that emerge from a grotto have the effect of nature and blend in with nature. On the other hand, waterfalls dripping from an infinite edge offer a modern appeal. Either way, a waterfall water feature will create a poolside paradise by creating a soothing sound and adding another level of visual interest to your outdoor living space.

Customizable laminar jets

Illuminated pool with blue lighting and sunsetImagine streams of water arching over and into your pool. This is the effect you get from laminar nozzles that can be adjusted with colored light filters and controlled with an app. Turn them on for a pool party, turn on the lights after dark, and enjoy them by the pool every day. Laminar jets offer the double advantage of catching the eye and calming the mind with the sound of falling water.

You can combine customizable laminar jets with other pool water games like bubbly or rain curtains. They also work well with waterfalls. And because you can turn the jets on and off at will, this water feature can be a cool extra with a wow factor.


Bubbler jets (also called gushers) are installed at the bottom of the flat end or shelf of a pool and shoot up cascading water columns. Bubblers can be equipped with LED pool lighting to provide more drama after dark. In contrast to the water flows generated by laminar jets, bubblers project a softer water flow.

Water feature with sheer descent

Mere waterfall and outdoor living spaceOn a steep descent, a thin layer of water from an arch falls away from the pool wall. Water usually shoots up 45 degrees from the edge of the pool and then falls into the pool, creating a seamless curve. The width of a steep descent cascade can be several feet, with several cascades arranged along a surface, or it can extend the length of a pool wall. This water feature gives an outdoor living area the appeal of a luxury resort and can be added as a pool renovation to update and improve the appearance of an existing pool.

Decorative water lamp

Decorative brown water lampThis water feature is attached to the walls of the pool and is available in different designs and designs. Some look sculptural, others slim – maybe a lion has water from its mouth. With wall lights, water flows into a stream and flows into the pool. A number of wall lights can be attached to a pool wall, or a single architectural wall light can serve as the center.


Pergola with Mr.In addition to the actual pool, another water feature that you could consider for your outdoor living environment is a mister. Mister can keep you cool on hot, humid days so you can spend time outdoors. Professional spray systems are more robust and durable than some of the portable spray fans you may find in box stores. When considering this feature, you should speak to a pool designer about an option that complements your pool area and can be set up in a convenient location.

Design a luxury pool with Neave

There are simple swimming pools – and there are swimming pools that you can really experience thanks to the special features that personalize your outdoor living environment and make it a place where you can look forward to relaxation and entertainment. We want to hear your ideas and help you get the pool you want and deserve. The approval for swimming pools is approved under COVID-19.

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