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Be productive: Photo: Matt RAgland, Creative Commons Unsplash

Be productive: Photo by Matt Ragland on Unsplash

Managing your creativity, productivity, your business and personal life as a content creator can be difficult.

If you’re juggling entrepreneurial and creative hats and weekly publishing plans, bloggers go through a blogger burnout for granted. After blogging for seven years, here are some of my tips on time efficiency and productivity for working from home. It helps you to become more productive as a blogger.

1. Write down your daily and weekly todo list.

If you spend a little more time writing down a daily and weekly to-do list in your calendar or notebook, you can increase the productivity and efficiency of the blog. Sure, it takes time to write it down. But I promise it will help!

I used to think I was good at keeping mental lists, but as my blogger / video editing work increased and I started encrypting and editing many tasks at the same time, my mind quickly drew gaps towards the priorities on my task list. The mental gaps meant that I was easily distracted by one lower priority and every new one rabbit hole Task that developed during work (believe me, while you work, more tasks appear!). A written list prioritizes your tasks, keeps you on schedule, and paves the way for a more efficient and productive day.

2. Use a project management tool.

You might think that project management tools are for salespeople or for companies with large teams. They also use content creators. I have used project management software like Asana or Trello to organize ideas, tasks and work tasks. Both do the same thing, but Trello is my favorite because it contains templates that I can use to organize my multifaceted projects. The free versions were enough for me. Should I ever expand my team, I could consider upgrading to the paid version with more features.

I also use a free Gmail tool Stripes – CRM Gmail. I get a lot of emails in my inbox and with Streak I can categorize emails by priority and project. I can also set reminders for follow-up. Above all, it helps me find important emails faster!

3. Use template responses

Replying to emails is getting tiring. If more than half of my requests don’t have a budget, creating original responses will cost my company valuable time, energy, and money. I also get a lot of business email asking me similar questions. Instead of creating and re-creating original replies, I set up template email replies. A cool hack I learned is copying and pasting your email template into yours Apple Mail (This is for Mac users; sorry, I don’t have a PC version) than interchangeable signatures. Go to Mail> Settings> Signatures and copy and paste! Voila, enjoy this!

4. Create an office space that suits your work style

A home office / studio where I keep all my camera and technical equipment in one place is helpful for time efficiency. However, for some people it is practically impossible to commit to an office space. If you’re like me, you may be a Roamer who’s always looking for something Power points to work in your house.

I have a home office and work on it occasionally, but when I write a blog post or edit a video, I sometimes like to wander into different pockets of the house. I will work standing up or take my laptop to the yard (I recently bought one fold-out lawn zero gravity chair to this end!).

Blogger productivity tips

Blogger Productivity Tips | Photo of Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

5. Track your sleep and exercise times with a Fitbit.

A content creator’s list of tasks can easily become a long and endless stream. It is easy to forget to take breaks. To physically break away from this habit, I have one Fitbit charge and a dog who knows her walking time! For some of you, a Fitbit is more manageable. My Fitbit ::

  • Vibrates regularly to let me know when it’s time to get active.
  • Tracks my sleep patterns (it even tracks my REM cycles- I am very happy with this function! )
  • I can set a daily goal of 10,000 steps (also known as 4-5 miles) to make sure I’m on the right track with my diet.
  • Has a two minute meditation program that vibrates so you know when to breathe.
  • Keep track of my steps, hikes and workouts when I’m on vacation.

6. Plan a social media schedule

By planning your social media explosions, the weighted feeling of housework is really relieved. Hootsuite is the multitasking scheduler preferred by many bloggers and has a free version with three accounts.

However, Instagram and Facebook pages are not interested in third-party automatic scheduling apps and can thwart some of your links and videos if you don’t pay attention. The auto schedule alternative I am using is Facebook Creator Studio. You can automatically schedule photos, blog posts and videos on your Facebook page. Facebook Creator Studio has analytics and copyright compliance to help you determine if someone has stolen your video content and re-uploaded it to their feed without permission. There is a newly introduced planning area for Instagram, which I have not yet tested.

7. Limit time on social media or do a detox

It’s easy to waste your day sliding down rabbit holes on social media. From corona virus to politics to protests and anti-mask wars, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, stressed and depressed. If you don’t check the box, it can also lead to an unsafe and toxic world and mindset Not have to deal with it. So I have guidelines to discipline my time on it. I spend about 45 minutes planning my content in advance, and then about 15 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening through my feed.

It is also necessary to do a social media detox every now and then. If you feel like you’re pressing this Unfriend button on many people, stop and take a break on social media.

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8. Create a weekly framework

Without a weekly framework and structure, it’s easy for every day to be a blur of tasks. Days can feel like they have lost their meaning. Even though my daily routine is constantly changing as my task lists grow, I have created a basic framework and rhythm for my publication deadlines. Here are a few examples:

  • I always publish my YouTube Thursdayso typical Wednesday and Thursdays are banned from working on videos and publishing them…
  • Monday (I’m still working on this) is mine Monday morning meeting with myself where I think about strategy for an hour. Before Covid-19, I took my laptop on a Starbucks to a local Starbucks Daily planner (see tip no. 7) Set the mind map and goals for the week and the month.
  • Sunday is the day I work on my social media schedule for the week. Sometimes I fall off the car and post at the last minute, but overall it helps to plan content in advance.
  • Tuesdays – I reserve for everything that has to do with blog.

When a more important project appears during the week, it naturally trumps every day of the week.

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9. Mind map of your projects on a Passion Planner

Writing down my to-do list is an important ritual for me, especially when throwing a target. I use Passion planner. I watched YouTube motivational trainer Brendan Bouchard and he inspired me to get a passion planner to map my projects and organize brainstorming ideas. Passion planners are brilliant – they are notebooks with which you can think about your success strategy and scale it. I love it – it justifies me to see my strategies in concrete drawings.

10. Buy a virtual assistant for $ 25

Nowadays we all need a virtual assistant, but not everyone can afford one. The Echo point and Google Mini have your back For a travel blogger like me, I have both and use mine Google Mini the most. It helps me get quick travel information while writing my blog. Regardless of whether it is food information, destination information or even address locations, it determines what I need it for. This way I can easily write them down without having to click back and forth between the browser tabs for quick information.

Book a 45 minute consultation session with me and overcome the obstacles of your blogging and influencer game!

Share your tips on time efficiency and productivity for working from home! How can you become a productive blogger?

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