Ghosts at home and why they are there Christianity

Spirits living with you at home can be very destructive and harmful to your health. Jesus speaks several times of removing demons. Follow the post where we go when we die. If you have not received Jesus Christ You will not go to heaven in your life to be with Him when you die. You stay here on earth. Some do not realize that they have died. Some create their own reality, but the majority will return to where they live during their lifetime. Many stay in the hospital and are the last place they were before they died.

It is very rare to find a home where there is no living spirit. You live in too commercial premises and wherever they can. They will also settle in vehicles, garages and sheds, even between thick bushes and hedges. Some live in air conditioning ducts, both in ceiling and underground ducts, as they are places of shadow. They absolutely love to hide in dark places. The majority of people are not aware of it because Not all spirits are evil and can coexist without being discovered.

However, there are many souls who were evil people when they lived, and they are the ones who cause problems in the houses. When we moved into our house, I cleared it of all resident spirits. The ghosts of the man and woman who were the previous owners of our house tried to come back and live in the house. The husband disagreed with someone being in his house and his wife was in the laundry room of all things. It was her favorite place. In short, we continued it. When that happens, of course, they go looking for a new home, but return to try to get access to their home again, and would do it if I didn’t keep our home mentally clean. Matthew 12:43 – 46. When an impure spirit is removed from his home, he looks for another home. If it doesn’t find one, it will return. If it finds the house mentally scruffy, it brings back 7 other spirits who are worse than themselves to return to their homes. It is therefore important that you stay mentally clean at home.

I know several people who have had this happen, but instead of accepting the help to have these entities removed, they prefer to live in denial and suffer from illness. These entities feed on their energies, leading to eventual possessions that live through their host body.

They can help, but only if they choose to be helped. The reason why the person concerned has to ask for help is because of their free will. If they are unwilling to be released from possession no matter what others do, they will not be removed. The exorcist is a good example of demonic possession. If the rescuer tries to perform an exorcism without permission and without knowledge, his person can end up dead, which I have seen twice. I would not advise anyone to try exorcism.

We had carried out several remote exorcisms remotely on request. We also rejected them if it would be more harmful to the data subject if they were not committed to changing their lifestyle. Matthew 12:43.

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