Expensive obedience is always worthwhile Christianity


Did God ever ask you to do something you were sure would cost you everything?

I have. It had been twenty years since God imposed a duty on me that I was certain would result in massive losses. He called on me to seek justice for victims of crimes committed by a powerful man protected by powerful people and institutions. I knew I would never succeed, I was sure that I would lose everything in the process, and yet I knew that God commanded me to do so.

Sometimes obedience to God’s commandments costs us a lot. It can cost us everything.

This happened in Genesis 22 when God ordered Abraham to sacrifice his son. And yet, although the expected cost of obedience was massive, the ultimate blessing was even greater.

Obedience costs us

  • Loss of money
  • Loss of family
  • Loss of reputation
  • Loss of friends
  • Job loss
  • Loss of health
  • Loss of usefulness

When God’s commandments are expensive, our trust in God is shown.

What encouragement is there to obey?

Obedience will bless us

  • Personal Blessing (17a)
  • Family Blessings (17b)
  • Worldwide Blessing (18)

Obedience may be expensive, but it’s always worth it.


When God commands us to do something that costs us everything, trust that He will bless this obedience to everyone. It happened in Abraham’s case. It happened in my case. That will also happen in your case.

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