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I created The Homeschool & Day Planner after years of trying to keep track of events and tasks in my life.

Let me tell you, I must have tried every planner under the sun to keep track of homeschooling, dates, meals, etc.!

Many were fine, but none worked perfectly. It was frustrating.

So I designed the Homeschool & Day Planner to meet my needs as a working homeschool mother with a large family!

The homeschool and daily planner

Let me tell you here how I use my planner to end my frustration and keep an eye on my life!

The Homeschool and Day Planner keeps track of everything. I no longer leave sticky notes all over the house. There are no hectic searches in my handbag for my latest grocery list.

No arguing with a child about their homework just to find out they were right.

Instead, all the information I need is in the homeschool and in the daily planner.

It takes care of the blog, home, homeschool and volunteer events.

Appointments, meal plans, tasks, brain dumps and due dates are written in it.

Even daily events are recorded in it.

And by daily events I mean the information you need later, e.g. B. if a child has a fever or a reference number.

The homeschool and day planner keeps all this information in one place!

The planning pages for Homeschool & Day Planner

Planning pages

There are pages where you can write down your long-term theme or meal plans. These are empty tables that you can use as needed.

Plan next year’s topics, this quarter’s reading list, or the scientific materials you’ll need to pick up when you’re in business.

I like marking my planning pages with the week on one side and then the topics that the children are studying and all the materials that are needed to record them. In fact, I sit down in the summer and write this information down.

Then when I’m in the library or in the store, I can easily look up which books or materials I need. Even if I forgot to look ahead in the curriculum this week!

Homeschool & Day Planner Notes Pages

Note pages

I have included a lot of note pages in the planner because I use them for book lists, brain dumps, task lists and just random notes.

And before each monthly calendar there is a new set of note pages. I’m using one of these pages to write my brain dump earlier this month.

A brain dump means that I write down every task pending in my brain and use it as a monthly to-do list.

The more overwhelmed I am, the more I need a brain dump!

I also always have to write books to read, phone numbers, passwords, and research curricula.

Instead of scribbling on sticky notes that are lost in the house, I write the information in my school and my daily planner.

And if you love sticky notes, stick the note on this week’s page. You will put an end to all these crazy searches in the house.

It’s all in yours Homeschool and daily planner!

Monthly calendar

Monthly calendar

The monthly calendar gives an overview of the month.

You can see when family and friends come to visit. You can track big tasks that need to be done, e.g. B. conversions or co-op plans.

It’s also a handy place to keep track of all the appointments that come with a busy homeschooling family.

You can see crazy weeks ahead, plan accordingly and prepare for the rush.

And don’t forget to color-code your homeschool and day planner!

Use one color for household chores, one for school, one for appointments, and a fourth for everything else.

Customize your school and day planner with stickers, colored pencils and washi tape.

weekly planning pages

Weekly planning pages

These pages can contain detailed task lists, meal plans and daily notes.

They also create great tickler files for all the annoying details you need to remember. Details such as the confirmation number of the packages, when the glasses should arrive and when travel or concert tickets have to be bought.

I also use mine to take short notes of memorable events that happen during the day.

Did a child rock a piano night, say his first word, or give his first speech? Write it down!

The weekly pages are fun years later.

Homeschool and daily planner

Homeschool sites

Weekly homeschool pages are just behind the weekly calendar pages. This means that you never have to look for your homeschool plans.

I use a paper clip to mark the current week so that I can easily find both my weekly pages and my homeschool pages

Don’t worry if you are at school all year round. There are homeschool planning pages for every single week even the Christmas holidays of the year.

Don’t you just hate it when you run out of school planning pages and you still have a few weeks a year?

With The Homeschool and Day Planner, that’s no problem!

The lines can be used for homeschool subjects or your children. Just write the subject or child’s name on the left side and write down your plans for the week.

Write your detailed plans for school and keep an eye on your life. There is plenty of room for both!

The Homeschool & Day Planner saves time

The point of a planner is not to spend hours a day organizing yourself. It’s about saving you hours a day by providing the information you need in one place.

Write down what you need to do. Write down the information you may need next week. Write down your plans for your school.

The homeschool and day planner keeps everything in one place and saves you valuable time.

Be sure to check out the free example in my resource library!

Yes, I want my homeschool and my daily planner now!

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