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It’s been a while since I did an outfit summary, so today is the day! I hope your Friday got off to a good start … mine has a bad start. Sure, I was up at 5:30 a.m. and put on makeup at 7 a.m. … but I didn’t brush my teeth until 1 p.m. One day you just can’t eat your cake anymore. Especially now that I am in compliance with the bean protocol and sugar has now become my enemy. I miss a good piece of cake. I obviously dream of one because my entire Instagram exploration page is dessert.

I’m going to stop talking about goodies now. Let’s talk about outfits instead! I was wearing this outfit the other day when I left my house for about an hour to color and grow my eyebrows. It feels damn good to wear something other than pajamas, and these shorts are the perfect springboard from pajamas to real clothes because they’re so incredibly comfortable! I made one size bigger to make sure they weren’t too tight and fit perfectly!

PaleOMG Instagram outfit summary

above | Shorts | sneakers

{My sizes: Top – XS | Shorts – 6}

If you are looking for a versatile dress that is great for lunch, or just want something to wear after a day at the pool, then this dress is for you! It is a Dri-Fit material that dries very quickly and is really breathable. It comes in a pretty purple color and I also linked a striped one below! Best of all, it’s only $ 35!

PaleOMG Instagram outfit summary

dress | sneakers | jacket

{My sizes: dress – XS | Jacket – XS}

If you want to know that you look like a mermaid, try this top! It has an iridescent look so it shimmers any color under the rainbow. It’s great for a workout or a combination with a high waist skirt!

PaleOMG Instagram outfit summary

above | Similar leggings

{My Sizes: Top – Medium}

I’m happy to see this top back in stock after it sold out a month ago! It’s one of my favorite tops of the season as it goes so well with high waisted and short skirts! And the skirt is super cheap and comes in a lot of different colors and patterns!

PaleOMG Instagram outfit summary

above | skirt | a necklace

{My sizes: Top – Small | Rock – small}

If you like bodysuits but sometimes feel that they are not very comfortable, try them out! It is so comfortable and incredibly flattering. And it’s available in black and white if leopard prints aren’t your thing.

PaleOMG Instagram outfit summary

Bodysuit | skirt | Sandals | a necklace

{My Sizes: Shirt – Small | Rock – small}

I love this top because it also serves as a training top AND as a casual top. It is particularly soft and stretchy and has a short length, making it an excellent match for shorts, skirts and leggings with a high waist!

PaleOMG Instagram outfit summary

above (20% discount) Shorts (40% discount) sneakers

{My sizes: Top – Small | Shorts – Small}

This romper is so damn cute … and so damn cheap! It also comes in a TON of other colors!

PaleOMG Instagram outfit summary


{My Sizes: Rompers – Small}

This was the first outfit I wore when I first entered a restaurant after 3 months in quarantine. These overalls are insanely comfortable and perfect for a hot summer night on a terrace!

PaleOMG Instagram outfit summary

Bodysuit | Romper | sneakers | jacket | Earrings

{My Sizes: Shirt – Small | Rompers – Small | Jacket – XS}

Errrrmerrrrgerrrrd. These shorts are about to become your new best friend! They are incredibly comfortable, stretchy and not too short! They come in 2 other colors, both of which are on sale right now, but black is still my favorite! I’m obsessed with them!

PaleOMG Instagram outfit summary

above | Shorts | cap

{My sizes: shorts – 2 | Above – Small}

These shorts are another pair that I love so much! They are a little shorter than the above, but not too short. And since the waistband is elastic, you can wear it high waisted or lower!

PaleOMG Instagram outfit summary

above | Shorts | Sandals

{My Sizes: Shirt – Small | Shorts – Small}

This was another outfit I was wearing when I came to a restaurant after quarantine. These shorts are awesome! I cannot recommend them enough. They are a little shorter because they are higher on the sides, but they are incredibly comfortable and I love that they are super structured!

PaleOMG Instagram outfit summary

Bodysuit | Shorts | sneakers | jacket | Earrings

{My Sizes: Shirt – Small | Shorts – 6 | Jacket – XS}

This romper is great! I could wear it every day … and I have. It is similar to the black dress in this post as it is a dri-fit material, really breathable and not too tight. I can’t get enough of it and now I want it in even more colors!

PaleOMG Instagram outfit summary

Romper (30% reduced)

{Rompers – Small (runs big)}

Last but not least! I was wearing an outfit for dinner the other night, when I was new we were sitting on a terrace at 90 degrees. I’m sure AF doesn’t wear a bra at 90 degrees and this harvest tank comes with a built-in bra! It can also be used as a training top!

PaleOMG Instagram outfit summary

above | skirt | sneakers | jacket

{My sizes: Top – M / L | Rock – Small | Jacket – XS}


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