The Unschooling Journey, Part Two Unschooling

This week I’m sharing part two of my book’s audio book, The Unschooling Journey: A field leader.

Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s hero travel frame, The unschooling journey is a web of myths, contemporary stories and stories from my trip. It’s not a “how to” book – no two paths through the world of unschooling have the same twists – but a general sense of where you are on your journey can bring valuable insights if you face the challenges, that will inevitably occur. I share this book as a guide to the phases and characters that you are likely to encounter in some form on your school trip.

Last week we looked at the introduction and the first two phases, answered the call to leave school, and declined the call.

We prepare the stage in the intro. If you choose to accept this search to create a thriving learning environment for your children, you must embark on your own hero’s journey to appreciate, understand, and ultimately integrate these non-school truths – that learning is everywhere and people are bound to learn – in your life. I also address why I have called this a field leader and how important it is to have a general sense of where we are on the journey, being careful not to consider the stages as check boxes to run through must, and experienced the difference between understanding a stage intellectually and enough to believe its truth.

In the first phase, the call to unschooling, we start in our ordinary world. We are often quite happy with the way things are. We know the general rules and expectations and are mostly happy to walk with the river. Then something happens. Something that gives us an insight into a new and previously unimagined world: the world of uneducation. This is our call to drop out of school. This call is often transmitted by a herald, be it a person or an event. The fascinating thing is, when the hero is ready, the herald appears. This is because the change that triggers the call takes place within us.

And in phase two, rejecting the call, we realize that the decision to answer the dropout call is not a simple yes or no question and it goes on. These first weeks – even months – can feel like a seesaw. One day we are happy and excited about the possibilities. Next time the fear is great and we sway in our determination. This is such a common aspect of the trip that it has its own stage. Thinking about rejecting the call shows that we are beginning to understand the obligation associated with deciding to travel. If you want to create a thriving environment for your family, you should go. Don’t look for a shortcut. Engage your questions as soon as they arise instead of pushing them away because they don’t fit a preconceived notion that you have about college. This doesn’t mean that you have to understand everything about unschooling before you start. However, it means that the decision not to go to school with your family is the beginning of the journey, not the end.

And here we are.

This week we dive into phases three, four and five and end the departure phase of our trip, which I have called the “choosing unschooling” phase. We will find our guides, reconcile the mind with the threshold guards and spend a thoughtful and valuable time in the whale’s belly.

It’s going to be a wild ride!

You can buy the eBook directly from me or from Your preferred online retailer.

And the print edition is also a magazine! You will also find plenty of space in the print edition to document your journey along the way. Hema’s illustrations are printed on full pages so that you can color them while viewing your trip. There are diary pages where you can write down your experiences and clarify your thoughts, and even blank pages for scribbling and sketching.

You can Buy the print edition from Amazonor you can find it at most other online bookstores.

For listeners who prefer interview style episodesI’ve put together a wonderful collection of amazing backlist episodes that you can listen to.

This week I selected Episode 57, Ten Questions with Akilah S. Richards to share with you, which aired in February 2017.

Akilah is a college mother with two beautiful daughters. She is also a writer, podcast presenter, and a member of the Alliance for Self-Directed Education organization team. She answers my ten questions about her school-free experience with openness and enthusiasm, and I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I do!

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