Overcoming limiting beliefs after 50 Women

Do you lack self-confidence and self-esteem? Do you feel invisible Missing purpose or direction?

You are not alone, as many women over 50 resign themselves to the many changes in this lifetime.

Some women find it difficult to accept the aging process or feel lost because they are empty nests, struggling with menopause and physical changes in their bodies.

They feel invisible when they are looking for meaning in their lives while moving from a full-time career to retirement.

Welcome to episode 4 of Talking to Women Who Live Well After 50. Today’s topic is about overcoming your restrictive beliefs and regaining your confidence after 50.

I recently read an article in Harvard Health. ‘Regain your trust ‘. According to a 2010 study in the Journal of Personality and Social PsychologyA person’s self-confidence and self-esteem typically follow a bell curve. It gradually increases in late adolescence, peaks in middle age and tends to decrease after the age of 60.

This is a topic that women over 50 consistently discuss with me. But I ask the question:

Why do we feel that way and how do we regain the confidence we once had?

In episode 4 of Conversations with Women Who Live Well After 50, I am pleased to greet my guest, Candi Randolph von Inspire my style Discuss the triggers that destroy our confidence when we are in the middle of life and beyond. We are also discussing strategies to overcome this.

Candi is a mid-life woman who writes about the experiences women have in this unique phase of their lives, with topics such as natural aging, healthy eating, fitness, casual wear, home and family. Her focus and passion is to provide motivation, inspiration and encouragement to women in their fifties, sixties and beyond.

I have summarized the main points of the interview below and also inserted the link to the full YouTube interview below.

We are discussing:

  • Strategies to rebuild your self-esteem and take on the life you want.
  • Triggers that destroy your confidence
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • remove the cloak of invisibility and say I’m me!
  • Dealing with the body image and changes in our body during the middle of life and beyond

Episode 4 – Overcoming Limiting Beliefs After 50

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