DIY bathroom vanity and countertop makeover DIY

We’re currently renovating our rental property to sell, and while we hired contractors to do most of the work, I recently went there to work on this DIY bathroom vanity and countertop makeover. I look forward to sharing the before and after with you and guiding you through what I did! (For more information on the town house, see this post, this post, and this post.)

Check out this DIY bathroom vanity and countertop makeover on a budget!

This vanity was out of date, and since we had the floors replaced, it really collided. We gutted the other two bathrooms in the house, but to save money, I decided to just revamp this vanity instead of replacing it. Here it is before:

Check out this DIY bathroom vanity makeover!

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I started with the countertop. The first thing I did was a good clean, and then I went over it with 150 grit sandpaper to roughen it up so that the epoxy had something to grasp. After sanding, I wiped the dust off with a damp cloth and let it dry.

Check out this DIY bathroom vanity makeover!

Next I taped and covered everything I didn’t want to spray. I glued plastic over the sink and then put plastic towels on the floor and toilet. I also needed one in the hallway just because the overspray was pretty strong.

Check out this DIY bathroom vanity makeover!

I use Rust-Oleum appliance epoxy For that, and although it wasn’t really intended for use on countertops, I’ve seen people use it and succeed, so I chose it. This is a temporary solution anyway, as the new homeowners are likely to want to replace this outdated vanity sometime in the future. I shook the can for a full minute as directed and then sprayed the entire counter as evenly as possible. I let it dry for an hour and then sprayed a second coat.

Check out this DIY bathroom vanity makeover!

Next it was time to paint the vanity. First I used fine sandpaper to lightly roughen the surface, and then I wiped it down with a damp cloth. I stuck on the edges.

I used a small angle brush for the entire project, but you can also use a small foam roller for the larger parts of the vanity if you want. I started by applying a coat of Zinsser primer. I applied a very thin layer. (You can find my tutorial on painting furniture here, and that’s the technique I used for it.) You don’t have to worry about applying a perfectly even, opaque primer on it. At this point it will look pretty ugly.

After the primer had dried, I lightly sanded it with fine sandpaper and wiped it clean. Then I painted a thin layer of Behr Marquee “Elephant Skin” in satin. I followed the same technique, sanded lightly and then applied a second coat.

Check out this DIY bathroom vanity makeover!

Check out this DIY bathroom vanity makeover!

I chose not to paint the entire inside of the vanity, although I’ve done it before. I also decided not to use a top coat and only to let it harden. You can use a polyacrylic or water-based polyurethane if you want additional protection.

Here it is now! Such an improvement. And please note that this is next to impossible to take pictures since it is in a very narrow hallway with no daylight. Sorry for the poor quality!

Check out this DIY bathroom vanity makeover!

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