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FUTO admission news 2020: cut-off grades, post-utme forms, examination dates – The journey for admission 2020/2021 at the Federal University of Technology in Owerri (FUTO) has already started. If you wrote Utme 2020/2021 and selected FUTO as your choice of university, this contribution is for you – Visit for the latest updates!

In this post we will keep you up to date on all information about inclusion in FUTO 2020/2021, including cut-off brands, post-utme forms, updating the admission lists and an insight into the past question for FUTO after Utme.

This article is updated daily with the latest information on FUTO admission 2020/2021. For clarity, we go step by step as shown below:

Cut off FUTO Mark 2020

There are certain criteria that students need to consider before being admitted to one of the courses at a university. One of them involves completing the required grades for each school and for the courses themselves. It is very easy to get admission once you have achieved the minimum number of points required for admission to a particular course.

Cut-off grade is an agreed score that is determined by a particular institution as the basis for admission of students to the study department. This score is usually accredited for candidates based on their performance in a particular exam. However, students who have exceeded the required minimum number of points will be admitted and will be given preferential treatment in the admission procedure if they have achieved the exact minimum number of points.

JAMB Fixed Cut-Off Mark

After the Federal Government abolished Post-UTME, the Joints Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) awarded a benchmark of 180 and higher for candidates applying for universities, technical colleges and universities of teacher education. So far, the Federal University of Technology Owerri has followed suit in JAMB’s 180s General Cut of Mark.

You could ask questions such as: I had 180 and more, but have not yet been admitted to study my desired course?

Candidates with higher scores are considered first. Candidates with lower scores that may reach the 180 cut-off mark are unlikely to be admitted into the admissions framework. The higher your score, the more likely you are to be admitted.

FUTO approval news 2019: cut-off grades, post-utme forms, examination dates

Department cut-off mark

The Federal University of Technology Owerri doesn’t really have a specific cut-off brand for courses. Candidates who have achieved at least 180 points in the UME examination can apply for admission to one of their elective courses.

Due to the large number of students wishing to study at the Federal University of Technology in Owerri, the admission procedures are competitive and admission is based on the JAMB score and O-level grades.

Below you will find the courses offered at the university and their cut-off points:

  1. Electrical engineering / electronics 220
    2. Mechanical engineering 220
    3. Futo cut-off brand for Petroleum Engineering 210
    4. Futo post utme Cut Off Mark for Computer Science 210
    5. Civil engineering 210
    6. Information management. Technology 210
    7. Chemical engineering 200
    8. Optometry 200
    9. Biochemistry 190
    10. Dental technology 180
    11. Public Health Technology 180
    12. Prosthesis & Orth. Technology 180
    13. Project management. Technology 180
    14. Ind. Microbiology 180
    15. Geology 180
    16.Material & Met.Engineering 180
    17.Polymer and textile technology 180
    18. Agricultural engineering 180
    19. Food science and technology 180
    20. Biotechnology 180
    21.Agricultural economics 180
    22. Transport management. Technology 180
    23. Maritime management. Technology 180
    24. Financial management. Technology 180
    25. Biomedical technology 180
    26. Ind. Physics 180
    27. Ind. Chemistry 180
    28. Biology 180
    29. Mathematics 180
    30. Science laboratory 180
    31. Statistics 180
    32. Agric. Extension 180
    33. Animal Science Technology 180
    34. Crop Science Technology 180
    35. Fisheries & Aq. Technology 180
    36. Forestory & Wildlife Technology 180
    37. Soil Science 180
    38.Building technology 180
    39. Environmental technology 180
    40. Landscape Architectural Tech, 180
    41. Quantity Surveying Tech. 180
    42. Surveying & geoinformatics 180
    43. Urban and regional planning 180

Type of admission test

The Federal University of Technology Owerri does its admission test exercises within a week or a few weeks, and usually takes place in two phases. Students who have applied to study at school will need to do the screening as soon as it is announced.

Documents required for the preliminary check are: SSCE result and JAMB registration only printout.

It is often important that a candidate arrives early and finds his / her screening location early. Candidates are screened against the JAMB results and their SSCE results.

The second phase of the screening takes place after the admission lists may have been published. Candidates who have earned admission will be invited to another screening exercise. Here all documents like;

  • Original copies of your educational qualifications (declaration of results / certificates).
    N / B: Cases waiting for results are NOT accepted.
  • Birth certificate / age declaration.
  • A letter of conduct from your village head or a responsible member of yours
    Community / or civil servants not under 10th grade or equivalent in the private sector.
  • Local government certificate of origin and this notification of admission status

FUTO address and locations

The Federal University of Technology Owerri is located in the heart of the city of Owerri in Ihiagwa.

FUTO admission lists updates

The FUTO admission list for academic session 2020/2021 has not yet been published because you already know that you have to buy the post-utme forms first and then take the exam before you can start the admission list.

The FUTO admission list for the academic session 2020/2021 contains the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth batch admission list, which is published and uploaded to the official school portal.

Admission to FUTO only makes sense if you achieve the minimum number of points in both Utme and Post-Utme exams.

FUTO post-Utme questions and answers from the past

If you’re really serious about getting admission FUTO In this upcoming session, you need to prepare for it by getting your past questions and answers about Utme. The material will help you stay one step ahead of thousands of others looking for the limited slots in your proposed department.

If you need questions and answers about FUTO after Utme, you can visit them at for all your past questions and answers.

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Good luck on your way to becoming a FUTO student and we will be part of the way every step of the way!

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