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Designing and creating a beautiful garden can greatly improve the quality of your home life, but the idea of ​​transforming an outdoor space can seem quite daunting. In fact, it’s not that difficult at all if you do the right planning.

Budgeting – Do It Yourself Or Hire A Landscaper?

The first consideration usually concerns cost. Landscaping is often more expensive than you think – an average-sized garden costs around £ 10,000 to be completely rebuilt, for example.

However, if you have the skills and the time, you can cut some of the cost by leaving the heavier work to a paid professional. You take care of the rest.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth; A few hundred pounds are enough to breathe new life into your garden. Laying new grass lawn and adding attractive plants are relatively small changes that can have a big impact.

Everything is in the pipeline …

Once you have your budget set, there are a number of key areas to consider when creating your plan.

This part is really exciting as it leaves your imagination free – at least a little! This is also very important as your final garden design should result from the decisions you make at this stage:

1. What do you want from your garden?

Perhaps most importantly, you consider the “function” of your garden – you can discuss it with your family so that they feel genuinely involved in the project.

What should your garden offer you? Does “pretty” beat “practical”? How much socializing are you going to make in it? Do you want to grow vegetables, create a haven for wildlife or even keep chickens ?!

It can be worthwhile to google images of “perfect” gardens for inspiration.

2. Maintenance – high or low?

Are you the guy with the green fingers? Would you like to cut, plant, cut and mow more or less often, if at all?

In other words, how time consuming do you want your garden to be? Gardens can be designed to be poorly, moderately, or highly maintained. Hence, it is best to decide at the beginning.

3. Areas for socializing

Creating a defined area to sit, eat and socialize is a high priority for many.

How big should yours be Too small and you might regret it, too big and your beautiful new garden might look a little crooked.

4. Terrace or terrace?

It can be significantly cheaper to create a covered area, but stone decking usually lasts longer.

A budget can influence this! An average size 20 square meter stone deck costs around £ 1,800. Or the same size top area between £ 900 and £ 1,600 (numbers from

5. Privacy and Security

Depending on where you live, privacy and security can play a very important role.

Would you like high fences or walls or are you planning to sit in the sight of windows? What about security features and lighting?

6. Family gardens

If you have children, would you like to set up a designated play area, possibly with a sandpit, swings and playhouse? Could the garden be “educational” with places for birds and insects to thrive?

Visualize your new garden

Once you’ve decided on the ‘function’ of your garden, it’s really important to create a visual representation of where things will go – like paths, boundaries, and terraces – and what the overall layout will be.

If you can draw, you’re welcome to do so on large sheets of paper, but for others, the internet has many great design tools that you can use for free – House & Garden magazine has a good list here:

Published on July 7, 2020

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