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Girlstart’s weekly series Women in STEM shows different women who make a difference in STEM. Let yourself be inspired when these incredible women describe how they were interested in their area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise, provide insights into a day in life and exchange knowledge from their experiences.

Shefali Pearson

Game product manager @ Electronic Arts

Shefali is thrilled that women / girls are successful in STEM and has teamed up with Girlstart to achieve this. Today she talks about her career in technology, especially in video games!

Can you explain a little what you do?

I work in technology and it is the most exciting room. The technology is so big and my current industry is video games. Building games to enjoy and play is a fulfilling task. As a product manager; I need to know my product, guide my stakeholders, make data-based decisions, and keep my users at the forefront of design. My favorite thing in my career is to see my users happy with my product and to be at the forefront of innovation and creativity!

Working with video games sounds so cool! Was there a specific person / program that interested you in this particular STEM area?

I’ve loved playing games on my PC since I was 12. Since then I knew that I wanted to be in the technology area and eventually in the gaming area.

Do you have encouraging words that you would like to share with girls who might be interested in doing what you do?

Who rules the world? Girl! STEM needs more women like you! Believe in yourself and your skills. Work hard and improve your skills to achieve your goals. Ask for help when you need it and have a laser focus. Most importantly, dream big and don’t look back. You never know which skills you acquire from sports, hobbies or other areas that could help you in your career / training.

Why do you think trust in STEM is important for girls?

Focusing on your goals, trusting and believing that you can do so much more than your peers is key to moving forward.

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