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Passing the NCLEX exam shows that you are committed to achieving your #AmericanDream. The next step is to find a reputable agency that will help you secure your US employment-related immigration visa or regain your existing priority date.

PassportUSA has expertly handled thousands of international immigration cases from nurses. The PassportUSA Achieve program provides immigration registration services and test preparation resources to help you pass IELTS.

Here’s Donna Joan’s story about how the PassportUSA Achieve program helped her achieve her EB-3 visa and a career as a US nurse.

Donna Joan has joined the PassportUSA Achieve program and has worked as USRN in Texas since February 2018. When we talked to Donna Joan about her experience, she shared the following:

How did you find out about the Achieve program?

“I heard about the program from my sister for the first time. I had already passed NCLEX in 2008 and therefore applied for the Achieve program. “

Why did you choose the Achieve program?

“I wanted to participate in the Achieve program because I wanted to try new things. My two sisters are overseas Filipino workers and as the youngest sister I wanted to look for greener pastures and work as a USRN. “

What type of training did you use to pass IELTS?

“I did online practice tests and learned a lot on my own. I read about current events and talked to my friends and family. “

What training did you use to pass NCLEX?

“I attended some personal courses in the Philippines. I also had an NCLEX study book and did practice tests on the computer. “

Would you recommend other nurses to register for Achieve immediately?

“Absolutely! I recommend other nurses to register immediately, as most of my friends know about and recommend it to health carousels.”

How did you find the response time for your inquiries about the program?

“The response time was quick. When I emailed my advisor, I usually received an answer before the end of the business day. “

What / who inspired you to make your American dream come true?

“My parents inspired me to make my American dream come true. I do it all for you. They gave me a lot of blessings and motivation to live and work in the United States. You are really inspiring to me. “

How has your family’s life changed for the better since you worked as a US nurse?

“My life has changed enormously for the better. My salary in the Philippines was not enough and now I can help my parents send money. I can afford all my finances and help my sisters, nieces and nephews to buy their medication. We are so happy about my USRN opportunity. “

What do you hope to achieve in your US nursing career and personal life within 5 years?

“I plan to become a better dialysis nurse. There is always a lot more to learn and to improve my skills. After all, I want to be a family nurse. “

What are your three qualities that make you a good US nurse?

“I advocate for the best of my patients. I am sensitive because I put myself in their position and understand how they feel so that I can provide high quality care. I have one too good sense of humor so as not to take anything negative that happens to the heart and to make sure that everyone stays calm. “

Who / what is currently motivating you to continue being a spectacular US nurse?

“Definitely my family. My sister and I have a favorite saying: “Treat others the way you want your family to be treated.” When I think about it, I always want to get the most out of my skills. “

Who do you want to thank for being encouraged to participate in the Achieve program, and why?

“I want to thank my family for their support. My sister really encouraged me to pass NCLEX after I finished nursing school and I’m so glad I did because it was one of the first steps towards my American dream. “

What advice do you have for candidates thinking about participating in the program?

“My advice to candidates is to follow Health Carousel’s instructions! Always be up to date by replying to your emails in good time so that they can finish your papers. Be patient with the visa procedure so that it runs smoothly and you always believe that everything will work out in the end! “

Donna Joan right with her staff

Thank you very much, Donna Joan! We’re proud to see how far you’ve come and look forward to the advancement of your nursing career.

The PassportUSA Reach the program is offered to registered nurses who have already passed their NCLEX exam. NCLEX results never expire. Even if you passed NCLEX a few years ago, you still qualify. We also support nurses who have been abandoned by a previous U.S. visa applicant. We offer our Achieve candidates access to resources to pass the IELTS exam and will apply for your US visa professionally after passing the IELTS.

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