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I met beautiful Zahra about 5 years ago when I started blogging and it was fantastic to see her on the road to success. She is half Iranian and half Sudanese and started as a blogger herself. She shared her passion for food through her website and social media accounts before releasing her own cookbook and launching her own delivery concept last year.

Zahra’s kitchen focuses on serving healthy mezze, salads, wraps, and bowls inspired by the Middle East. Most dishes are simple and accessible (think of sambusek, cheese rolls and kibbeh, chicken and avocado wraps, beetroot and pumpkin salads, for example), while others have a twist. The groundbreaking parsnip hummus with pomegranate molasses is my personal favorite.

I first learned about Zumaa’s cuisine from Luma (thanks Luma!), Co-founder of Maiz Tacos and Good Burger, another authentic restaurateur and one of my favorite local foodies.

Well done to Zahra, a boss mother who conquered the world of Sambusek after another. It just shows that hard work and persistence definitely pay off. (Incidentally, there is an Instagram account for Zahra’s Persian Kitchen, which will be released soon. Well, I’m really looking forward to that.)

Delivery from Dubai Marina, Business Bay and Motor City via all major platforms. Support local businesses and try Zahra’s cuisine today!

Zahra’s kitchen
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