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How to Create a Repurposed Steamer Wind Chime

Wind chimes and flowers are two of my favorite things that I create out of the way, and this steam game, which is also a flower, was a lot of fun.

Accessories for reused steamer wind chimes

Here are my supplies for this wind chime. You will find a list at the end of this article.

Since both the steamer and the measuring spoons already have holes, this does not require a drilling project.

I used steamer before when I created some reused flowers a few years ago. You can see my recreated sieve / steamer flowers here or watch the video a little further down in this post.

Accessories for spray painted steamer flower wind chime

I sprayed the steamer in a fun pink / purple and the jelly mold in a light pink.

Metal measuring spoons for chimes on steam wind chimes

With a pair of pliers I took apart the artificial pearl necklace to hang up the measuring spoons.

Then I attached the split rings to the spoons and the necklace pieces to the rings.

Metal steamer spray painted pink

I spread the split rings as evenly as possible with the holes in the steamer.

Measuring spoons of wind chimes on reused steam flowers

Here you can see everything in the attachment.

Glue the glass plate to the metal steamer to create a flower

I applied a thin layer of marine goop glue to the bottom of the glass plate before applying it in the middle of the steamer.

Be careful not to use too much glue. Less is definitely more.

reused steamer flower for DIY wind chime

I did the same thing with the jelly mold and then placed it in the middle of the glass plate.

Let the glue harden for at least 24 hours. If it is hot and humid, as it is right here, it may take longer for the glue to harden.

Chandelier crystal added on top of DIY steamer wind chime

To hang my steamer wind chime, I used two pieces of another artificial pearl necklace attached to split rings and a large key ring at the top.

As with most of my wind chimes, I added a chandelier crystal on top to give it a little shine.

I’m always for a little bling.

Close-up of necklaces used to hang metal measuring spoons as chimes

I only looked at the distance between the carillons, but I think it got pretty good.

Repurposed metal steamer made in flower wind chime

So here is my beautifully converted garden art flower steamer wind chime.

Don’t worry if the chime of the measuring spoon is facing forwards or backwards as it is constantly moving in the wind.

I just let them do their thing.

TIP: If you have a heat wave like we’re here, don’t hang it in the full sun. UV rays on days with temperatures such as the mid to high 1930s can decompose the adhesive.

Repurposed Steamer Wind Chime Supplies

  • foldable metal steamer
  • Glass or metal plate
  • Jelly (or something else for the middle)
  • Spray paint
  • Necklace parts
  • Chandelier crystal
  • Marine Goop or E6000 glue
  • Split rings
  • Key ring
  • Pliers

Garden art flower wind chime from reused steam diaper chimes

The flower pieces for this steam game could be spray painted any colors you love, or you could even keep everything natural.

It’s up to you to customize this wind chime the way you love it.

Please stick to your favorite board.

Here's how to create a reused metal steamer wind chime that looks like a flower with scoop chimes

Thank you for reading and see you next time

keep it up!


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