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In such uncontrollable times, it is always good to find available resources for parents. There is no doubt: COVID-19 has set one enormous pressure on mothers. Given how difficult it is to balance motherhood, career and household without In a global health crisis, it is difficult to imagine that this current situation could result in something positive for parents.

Huggable wanted to know – is there anything good when you’re stuck at home, even if we mourn this new reality? Is there anything that mothers can appreciate about this unique time, even if it is not what someone would have chosen? Does it create more opportunities to deepen family relationships if you spend more time at home with children, even if it has its own pressure?

While this season has brought grief and difficulty, it has also made significant changes for some families.

Mothers reported that their relationships with their children have improved since COVID-19 started

Huggable’s found that the mothers interviewed spent an average of 49% more time with their young children due to COVID-19. This number includes mothers who work full time, mothers who work part time, and mothers who usually stay at home.

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Mothers can spend more time with their children

The commitment time as a family unit has given parents more insight into what is needed for their children. It is also important to find online resources to support parents. There is also a new social platform for parents only NexGen Online Academy. Your mission as parents to support parents is to provide additional resources to those in need.

Remember to capture these sweet moments as parents continue this precious time with their families. Breathe in and find the resources that work for you all as a family.

As summarized by Clint Edwards,

“At this moment of thought, I tell what our children really need to become well-rounded, responsible adults with active bodies and brains, and what we may have missed as a family because we tried a lot. Maybe we spent less time on our plates and more time together. “

(New York Times)

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