Custom Embroidered Shirts, Hats & Apparel !: Your Embroidered Logo: Work for Hats? Embroidery

Wondering if your vertical logo works on hats?

Hat designs work best when they’re 4 “wide x 2” high. If your design doesn’t fit in this room, you have a few options:

1. Arrange it so that it fits in the area. Often an element of the design, possibly the image, can be placed next to the text to create a horizontal design.

2. Resize or remove design elements. Increase your company name and reduce or eliminate secondary elements. If you remove an element like a web address, you should have it embroidered on the back of the hat.

3. Have an item such as your company name or picture embroidered on the left front.

4. Use only your company name and you have plenty of room to make it big.

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