Books that our rabbis would ban if they could Judaism

Reason: It shows that Judaism is not a monolith by conclusively proving that many of the principles we consider essential to orthodoxy have been emphatically denied by some of the great rabbis.

Mithnagdim Faith: Rabbinic Reactions to the Hasidic Rapture by Alan Nadler
Draws a somewhat flattering picture of the early Hasidic leaders while showing how the movement has evolved historically. It also reminds us of Lithuanian attitudes that we would rather forget.

The guide for the confused by Moses Miamonides
The book, which was banned for all sorts of reasons in its day, should be banned today as it does NOT deny the true Torah rule of NO coincidences

The Bible as it was by James Kugel
All books by this author should be banned. I highlighted this because it helps us to see how Midrashim came into being and developed (ie not about an unbroken Sinai tradition).

The little prophets The little prophets are out because they have wasted pages preaching about social justice and hardly a word of complaint about skirt lengths.

Why evolution is true by Jerry A. Coyne
Aside from the business of evolution, the book contains many two- and three-syllable words and is based on non-Tora True methods such as logic and empiricism

Constantine’s sword: the Church and the Jews – a story by James Carrol
Now that Christians are reliable Zionists and our best friends, we don’t want you to remember how they slaughtered, humiliated, plagued, troubled, humiliated, and tortured us for nearly 2,000 years. What matters now is that we all hate Muslims.

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