The Perfect 10 – Dana Bicks, author Inspirational

As society sways in the tide, I reach deep within my soul for answers. Hate marks many minds because their evil destruction is so untypical of God’s original creation. Today we are at the mercy of the city screams that shout: “The world is going under!” Funny, it’s just the unbelievers who are scared and so wild. God has set the instructions on stone tablets to be followed – the perfect 10, known as the commandments.

When we reread these moral laws, can we understand that crimes, hatred and lamentable sins would hardly exist if everyone lived according to them? And with all the changes to the Bible and God’s words, these laws have never been touched. Interesting! They are my perfect ten because they are the only laws that we need to live a divine life.

In my awe I think about what man has done to the nature of society. They removed the Lord from schools; Very few believe in him or visit the church, churches are burned down and social media prohibit Christian posts. Among the battle cries, we have hateful, godless children and adults who wave their artillery and destroy everyone’s life. No one will find peace and harmony in their rightful mind without the Lord sitting in their soul!

As history repeats itself, God sent the perfect ten for the Israelites, his chosen people, to follow because of the turmoil and upheaval. His commandments, given to Moses, defined their sin and revealed the difference between the holy and a commoner.

If you actually obey my voice and keep my covenant, then you will be my own possession among all peoples because the whole earth belongs to me. and thou shalt be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation to me. (Exodus 19: 5-6) … “

The Lord also made it clear that those who violate His laws will bear the blame forever because it is blasphemy. Do I have to make it clear that society does not want a standard for justice, rules or precepts? People do not recognize their attachment to sin and, unfortunately, are doomed to fail. Satan has deceived the people of this world!

Christians, I encourage you to pray for the lost who rule our country. May we all soon see the power of the Perfect 10. Let us hold on to God’s laws and never forget their meaning or value for our eternal salvation.

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