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Is reopening schools a good idea in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic? : Nigerian Education

With schools closed and counting for over 100 days, data from social and mass media show that the majority of students, students, teachers, and even parents want schools to reopen, although the coronavirus pandemic is still sabotaging the world .

Why is that? Why do people prefer to continue their normal routine to save their own lives?

In the first quarter of the year, when the COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and hundreds to thousands of deaths were recorded every day, the idea of ​​blocking and avoiding social gatherings came into play.

Blocking and avoiding social gatherings based on indications has effectively curbed the pandemic, at least we can all agree.

But then why do many people still want to go back to their normal routine, especially reopening schools?

The lack of belief that the virus exists is a major problem for many people. There are still a lot of people out there who don’t yet believe the virus is real, and that could be because; You still need to meet or know other people who have contacted the virus (you know they say, “Seeing means believing“) And some other reasons could be the lack of trust in their government.

In Africa (using Nigeria as a case study), many people believe that the government is making politics with the virus. They believe that the government created the “imaginary virus” or catapulted the number of cases to raise more donations from international and local organizations, countries and individuals, which would in turn generate more money for them to loot.

One thing that is certain is that you cannot rule out your point of view because past and present governments are unable to build trust, keep their words, and work for the benefit of people.

Be that as it may, we cannot say that the virus does not exist because it does not only exist in Africa, the so-called industrialized nations are equally fighting to fight it. We are talking about countries with more reliable and trustworthy governments.

Another reason why people want to go back to their normal routine and reopen schools is hunger. Teachers and even some parents fall into this category, especially those who work at private schools and colleges.

Many schools and institutions, such as the American University of Nigeria (AUN) and Bowen University, have fired hundreds of their employees to get over the economic impact of the pandemic. Even teachers who are left behind in certain situations are not paid in full or not at all, but reopening schools could put their lives back in order.

It is true, they say: “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. If people are forced to stay at home without other sources of income like the above case, the crime rate will definitely increase.

We can also agree that the number of rape cases that appear on the news every day will also increase. Most of the victims of these cases are schoolchildren who are said to be in schools but cannot because of the ban.

Even most of the perpetrators of these devilish acts are supposed to engage in one or the other activity to achieve their goals, but thanks to the suspension, they remain inactive and do nothing.

Did the block with the above points do more good than bad?

The idea of ​​blocking and avoiding social gatherings came up to curb the spread of the pandemic that we all know is fatal. Reopening school or returning to social gatherings and normalizing things creates more opportunities for more cases and deaths since the virus has not yet been defeated.

Despite the plans and conditions the federal government has set for school reopening, there are still reports and concerns from the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and even the Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) that it still hasn’t the time is right to reopen the schools. The increasing number of daily cases of NCDC was also not an encouraging factor.

Some other countries, such as South Korea, which later reopened schools have been reported to close after the number of school cases has increased rapidly. This could only be the case when schools in Nigeria are reopened.

Indeed, this is between the devil and the deep blue sea, a very uncomfortable situation with no better alternative.

Nobody can really tell how long the pandemic will continue, and life has to go on.

Should the schools reopen or should we stay home and wait for the virus to be defeated before things get back to normal? What do you think?

We will be happy to hear your teachings and opinions with reasons in the comments section.

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