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WAEC uses fingerprint scanners to verify impersonation

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has faced thousands of impersonation cases over the years as it conducts annual exams across the country.

The Council was very concerned about the frequency of such occurrences as it gives its West African neighbors a negative image of Ghana.

The Council has since indicated that it is taking serious measures to suppress test errors, in particular budding identity changes.

In an interview with Samuel Eshun of Happy 98.9 FM, director of public affairs for the Ghanaian Office of the West African Examining Board (WAEC), Agnes Teye-Cudjoe said: “We used fingerprint scanners to verify the identity change of annual exams. “

She noted that this is part of the measure to review the many audit errors in the country.

When asked by Samuel Eshun how this might be possible, she explained that the candidate registration exercise included a biometric feature that recorded the candidate’s fingerprints.

Agnes emphasized that students’ fingerprints are checked and their identity verified during the review period as part of the controls. She advised the students to focus on their books and prepare appropriately for their exam. “The exam is based on what you have learned. It is out of their curriculum and if they prepare properly they will succeed, ”she said.

The local council has also managed to put posters on the grounds of various schools regarding the do’s and don’s of the exam, and advised last year’s students to heed these pointers.

She also advised students to go to exam centers at least an hour before their exam, as the council introduced new safety protocols to protect students from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Statistics from WAEC have shown that the number of test failures has steadily decreased over the years. The Council believes that if they continue to make technology available, audit errors will be a thing of the past.

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