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Welcome to week 11!
Welcome back to the newsletter blog posts to everyone! We were unfortunately unable to complete our one big summer newsletter, but we will add what we have been working on to our newsletter posts, which will continue every two weeks. In addition, we publish a resource update every week with links to interesting websites. Take a look at our new blog index as a reminder of what we’ve covered so far.

In addition to our newsletter, we will also guide you Science colleagues, an organization dedicated to researching careers, project ideas and science and technology activities. Science Buddies will publish one this summer weekly newsletter complete with many scientific and technical activities! 5 weeks have already been published:

  1. Carnival science
  2. Gadgets & gizmos
  3. Magician and magic
  4. Artist and maker
  5. Week 5: fireworks and picnics

>>Click here for this week’s newsletter<<

In our newsletter you will be introduced to a STEM topic and find a related activity that you can work on during the week (please let us know your results!), As well as extensions for additional learning or games in this area. You’ll also find a northeastern link – something Northeastern does in relation to this field. This week’s topic: Environmental Sciences and Agriculture

Resource highlight

  • Encyclopedia of the Earth
    Encyclopedia of Earth is an electronic reference about the earth, its natural surroundings and its interaction with society. The website is a free, fully searchable collection of articles written by academics, professionals, educators and other recognized experts who work together and review each other’s work. The articles are written in non-technical language and are intended to be useful for students, educators, scientists and professionals as well as for the general public.
  • Further
    Earther is an environmental news website that covers three main themes: the future of the earth, the future of people on earth, and the future of life on earth.
  • habitat
    Inhabitat is a blog that deals with green design and lifestyle topics as well as green technology and architecture projects.

Web resources for K-12 students and parents

In addition to the resource highlight mentioned above, which is directly linked to the newsletter topic, we will highlight two new web resources every week.
Now that summer has really started, there are two websites here that focus on summer camps and programs, most of which are online.

  1. Numerade
    Numerade is a website that makes it available free of charge and virtually Summer education camp as well as Video solutions on textbook questions.
  2. BPS ‘Summer Stuff
    The list of summer items from the Boston Public School, including summer camps and jobs, distance learning opportunities, the summer reading list, and more.



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