Can we go on vacation again? Yes we can! UK INSURANCE

Here’s a quick rundown of the government’s big travel announcement and what it means for you and your vacation plans.

Ready to take off …!

It’s the announcement we’ve all been waiting for. The government has confirmed that as of July 4, restrictions on travel from the UK to France, Spain, Italy and Germany will be lifted Dozens of other fabulous countries – and from July 10th you no longer have to isolate yourself when you return these countries if you live in England In short: you are released to withdraw. And doesn’t it feel good?

We have explained all the important information below. And remember, at World First we make it easy for you to get affordable travel insurance based on your vacation plans. So you get all the coverage you need without paying for the coverage you don’t need.

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Is it safe to travel abroad?

We all miss going on vacation. But you also want to stay safe. Travel has only opened to countries that have taken steps to ensure that the risk for Covid-19 is low. This is based on a risk assessment conducted by the Joint Biosecurity Center in consultation with Public Health England and Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty.

These experts have considered the prevalence of coronaviruses, the number of new cases and the potential trajectory of Covid-19 across global destinations, as well as the reliability of the data from these countries. And as you would hope, the situation is closely monitored. If a country becomes too risky to visit, the government will raise the drawbridge.

Check before you travel

While you know everything about social distancing in the UK, different countries have different rules that they enforce – sometimes strictly – to keep the corona virus at bay. You can get the latest official travel information for the country you want to visit the government Website for foreign travel adviceHere you will find important and current security information for 225 countries and areas.

Also find out about the latest security measures from your airline. Air travel will be slightly different from what you’re used to as the industry adapts to make travel lovers safe, comfortable and happy. Also note that all passengers, except those listed on a small list of exceptions, are required to provide contact information when returning to the UK.

Ask? Give us a try.

The latest announcement is good news. But when the world learns to adapt to the challenges of Covid-19, it’s understandable that you have questions about vacation. Our friendly customer service team will be happy to help you. Since the first day of blocking, we’ve been receiving requests from travel enthusiasts, shedding light on our policies, and offering all kinds of instructions to get the right coverage. It is no different now. Regardless of whether you want to try our online chat or prefer to call someone, We’re here for you.

Flexible travel insurance at a fair price

Everyone is different. And every vacation is different. We believe that travel insurance should reflect this. Whether you want an extreme sports policy, affordable coverage for an illness, or even planning a wedding abroad, we make it easy for you to get a policy that fits your plans perfectly. This way you can go wherever you go. Come and get an offer.

I’ll see you out there.

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