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Reach some niches on social media

You can boost the reach of your web images by sharing them on social media. Pinterest is a great platform for this because you can easily publish images directly from your website, copy and paste a relevant part of your product description, highlight some relevant keywords and then release your images into the wild. Google Images also automatically scratches Pinterest, so the images you post there and in your web shop should appear side by side when searching for users.

Instagram is another great repository for your web images. Stock photos are not reproduced very well when it comes to audience reach – they are spammy and general. Instagram is a platform where your unique images can really shine. Just cross them, put a cool filter on if you want, and tag them with about a dozen relevant keywords, such as the name and type of component, brand and model of the vehicle, and colloquial hashtags likely from demographics used to shop in your webshop.

For example, you can align images of aftermarket wheelsets, lowering springs, and other suspension components with the hashtag “#stance”. Or you can align pictures of customer vehicles equipped with aftermarket off-road suspension components to the hashtag “# 4x4life”.

Finding the niche tags that are followed by the demographic data you want your products to target requires a little research in advance. However, this is an excellent way to introduce your brand to the right users and possibly build a reliable network of social media followers that you can easily market.

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