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Unfortunately, my year abroad at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Boston was stopped suddenly due to the global pandemic. How can you make the most of your time with just three days to tie the loose ends?

  1. Try to clear your desk without crying, but let friends and colleagues say goodbye, fire alarms, and evacuation
  2. Buy all the purple merch in the Harvard Campus Store you saw in the past year
  3. Hold a spontaneous photo shoot around Harvard Yard and wear the Harvard Merch
  4. Try desperately to use up all the food you bought two days ago when you thought you had two months left
  5. Finally, do the Freedom Trail from start to finish, which you’ve somehow never completed, although it’s one of the most famous activities in Boston
  6. Get a last lunch at your favorite cafe and use your remaining dollars in cash to tip an absurd but well-earned amount
  7. Pack your room and realize that under no circumstances will everything you have bought in the past year fit into the two suitcases that you arrived with
  8. Desperately rebook your flight home if it is canceled at the last minute and decide that the past 72 hours have been stressful enough for a lifetime

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